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Why Go Frozen?

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Frozen Raw Dog Food in Stainless Steel Bowl

Frozen Foods for Furry Friends

What Is Frozen Pet Food?

Many people are familiar with the unbeatable taste of a fresh, homemade meal. Nothing is quite like it! But pet owners rarely have the time to make one for themselves in today’s fast paced society, let alone make it for their pets. That’s when frozen meals come in. By finding just the right frozen food products, even your pets can experience what feels like a real home cooked breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

There are plenty of frozen cat and dog foods on the market today, whether raw or cooked. Regardless of which option you choose, the act of freezing food while it’s raw or instantly after being cooked is what seals in its original nutritional value, as its minimal processing and less heating leaves intact most of the ingredients’ vitamins and minerals. 

It also preserves the intensity of the meat’s flavor, which makes it a highly palatable, fun option that will keep your companion looking forward to mealtime. They come in an assortment of zesty, alluring aromas and tastes, such as chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, duck, venison, rabbit, salmon, sardine, and endless other traditional favorites that your pet won’t be able to resist. 


The method of freezing food assures that while your dog, cat, or other companion enjoys these nutritional benefits and delectable tastes, they’re also consuming little to no preservatives or artificial additives that are used in other types of pet foods.

Plus you can still trust that it will have a longer shelf life and is easy to store!

Raw Frozen Pet Food

Raw frozen pet food tends to be a more common, popular find among pet parents. Many premium pet brands have jumped aboard the frozen raw food trend, and for good reason!

Here are a list of just a few of the perks of a raw frozen diet:

  • Raw food, which typically uses single or limited ingredient formulas (added ingredients are usually fruits and vegetables), is as close to your pet’s ancestral diet as you can get. Wild dogs and dogs from years ago didn’t exactly have pots, stoves, ovens, or commercially sold foods available to them. 
  • It provides a much more natural diet, and is easily digestible. Better digestion means smaller, firmer, less odorous stools. 
  • Raw food diets often consist of muscle meat still on the bone, which promotes good dental health. The texture and hardness of the meat and bone help to exercise the pet's jaws while removing plaque and tartar buildup, leading to fresher breath and overall cleaner teeth that reduce the risk of oral disease. 
  • Another reported perk of raw food is shinier, softer coats and fur. This is due to the high amount of protein and healthy fatty acids that goes into raw frozen pet food.
  • Protein leads to the additional benefit of building your companion’s lean muscle mass along with stronger joints.
  • Boosts of higher energy levels are another result of protein and essential fatty acids! 

Cooked Frozen Pet Food

Cooked frozen food is a good alternative to raw frozen food, especially for pet parents that may be a bit more cautious to give raw diets a try. It usually uses the same quality ingredients and sources, but is gently or lightly cooked so it’s safer for pets to consume and pet parents to handle.

Serving Frozen Pet Food

Instructions may vary product to product so it’s always best to check each package’s specific labels and directions. However, it’s usually a quick and simple process of thawing the food the night before and then serving the following day!

Frozen pet food provides your pet with many nutritional, tasty benefits that are sure to win them over, as well as the convenient, efficient perks that are sure to win pet parents over. Just be sure to give your pet time to properly transition into the raw or cooked frozen diet, and consult with a veterinarian when necessary!

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