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Automatic Delivery

For your convenience, we offer automatic delivery. On an automatic delivery schedule, you'll never run out of food again! All we need from you is what you'd like to order, your method of payment, and how often you'd like to receive your delivery. Leave the rest to us! Receive your pet's products at your door exactly when you need them. If you come across a delivery week where you need additional items, no worries! Just give us a call and we'll make the proper adjustments.


With an automatic delivery, you can add or remove items at any time, you can skip or push back your next delivery date, or you can cancel at any time. 


How to Set Up your Automatic Delivery

You can now place Delivery Orders and Auto-Delivery Orders on our website!
Check out our online catalog to shop now. Most products have a One Time Purchase or Auto-Ship option before adding to shopping cart.

Use code AUTO15 to save $15 off your 1st Auto Delivery order!
If you don't wish to place your order online...
You may call the store at 732-938-4470, you may also leave a detailed message on our voicemail at (ext. 102) or email us at  



Minimums for Free Delivery

One of the following minimums must be met for free delivery:

  • Domestic animals (such as cats, dogs, small animals, and caged birds) - $75 minimum
  • Horse/Livestock feed - 500 lb. minimum (typically ~10 bags)
  • Pine shavings - 50 bale minimum (delivery price per pale is higher than in-store purchase)
  • Wood pelleted bedding - 30 bag minimum (delivery price per bale is higher than in-store purchase)

*You do not need to meet a delivery minimum if ordering prescription diets*

Under Minimum Charges

  • If your Domestic Pet order is between $50-$75 a $4 under minimum delivery charge will apply.
  • If your Domestic Pet order is under $50 an $8 under minimum delivery charge will apply.
  • If the 10 bag Horse/Farm Animal Feed minimum for free delivery is not met an $8 under minimum delivery charge will apply.

What day do you deliver to me?

Use the drop down menu below to see what day we're in your area!