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Same Day Delivery

Need product in a pinch? Same day delivery service is available for customers who need a delivery right away, on a day that is not their usual delivery day. No delivery minimums need to be met in order to receive an express delivery. However, there is a $6 fee, which guarantees that you will receive this delivery within 24 hours of placing your order.

How to Place your Same Day Delivery Order:

You may call the store at 732-938-4470 to place your order. You may also leave a detailed message on our voicemail (ext. 102) or email us at

You can now place delivery orders on our website! Be sure to select the "Same Day Delivery" option at check out.
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Minimums for Free Delivery

One of the following minimums must be met for free delivery:

  • Domestic animals (such as cats, dogs, small animals, and caged birds) - $50 minimum
  • Horse/Livestock feed - 500 lb. minimum (typically ~10 bags)
  • Pine shavings - 50 bale minimum (delivery price per pale is higher than in-store purchase)
  • Wood pelleted bedding - 30 bag minimum (delivery price per bale is higher than in-store purchase)
  • *You do not need to meet a delivery minimum if ordering prescription diets*

If no minimum is met, a $5 under minimum delivery charge will apply.

Bulky items, such as dog houses, hutches, and kennels, may require an additional charge.

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