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Due to ongoing supply chain issues, our website may not accurately depict current inventory. Please call us to check stock on products.

Frequent Buyers Program

Some dog and cat food brands offer a frequent buyer’s program. To be eligible for the program, you must purchase a food that is a participating brand. Inclusion of the products that are part of the frequent buyer’s program are predetermined by the manufacturer. Please ask a sales associate if the food you are currently using is part of the program. You must purchase 12 of the same brand, same size pet food to receive the 13th for free on us.  
*This is an in-store promotion only and does not apply to delivery or shipping orders.*


Dog Food
Acana - 15 lb. or larger
Bil Jac – 30 lb. bags
Blue Buffalo – 11 lb. or larger dry; all cases
Canidae – 10 lb. or larger dry; all cases
Dr. Harvey – 6 lb. or larger
Eagle Pack -  30 lb. ONLY
Earthborn - Large bags ONLY
Eukanuba – No Longer Available on Frequent Buyers as per manufacturer
Evolve – 15 lb. or larger dry
Fromm – 12 lbs. or larger dry; all cases
Honest Kitchen – 10 lb.
Holistic Select - 30 lb. ONLY
Iams – 12.5 lbs. or larger dry; all cases
Instinct - 13.2 lb. or larger dry; 3 lbs or larger frozen; all cases
Merrick – 12 lbs. or larger dry
Natural Balance – 26 lb. or larger dry
Nutro – 15 lb. or larger dry; all cases
Orijen - 15 lb. or larger
Primal - 3 lb. or Larger Frozen; 14 oz. Freeze Dried and All Treats
Science Diet – 15 lb. or larger dry; all cases
Solid Gold - 28 lb. dry; all cases
Stella & Chewy - 3 lb. or larger Frozen. *Buy 12, Get 1 Free on 22 lb. or larger kibble (As of 01/01/2023)*
Triumph – 28 lbs. dry & all cases
Venture - 12.5 lbs & larger
Zignature – 13.5 lbs. or larger dry 

Cat Food
Blue Buffalo – 11 lb. or larger dry & all cases
Canidae – 8 lb. or larger dry & all cases
Iams – 6.8 lb. dry & all cases
Merrick – 12 lb. dry & all cases
Natural Balance – 10 lbs. or larger dry
Instinct – 4 lbs. or larger dry, 3 lbs. or larger frozen & all cases
Orijen – 15 lb. bags
Science Diet – 6 lbs. or larger dry & all cases
Solid Gold - 15 lb. dry & all cases
Triumph – All cases

Prescription Diets
BUY 5 Get 1 FREE
Hills Prescription Diet – All sizes Canned & Dry
BLUE Veterinary Diet – All sizes Canned & Dry

Horse Feed
*Buy 24, Get 1 Free*
Triumph - excludes Select Pellet and Textured
Triple Crown


**Frequent buyers list is subject to change without notice from manufacturers**