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Farm Animals



It’s often that we see the most adorable, personable horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, donkeys, chickens, and hens when taking a fun trip to the zoo or even a farm, but have you ever taken a minute to think about actually owning one? Whether it be for competitions, recreational riding, agriculture, or simply adding in a new family member, properly taking care of such animals requires time and effort. But it’s also a fun, rewarding process that The Hungry Puppy wants to help you with! That’s why we carry brands like Southern States, Oxbow, MidWest, Triple Crown, Triumph, Mane & Tail, Nutrena, Purina, and others that supply you with all your equine and livestock needs!

Equine and livestock are all very different farm animals with specific and individual needs. However, The Hungry Puppy has what you need to provide them with their basic care requirements. Aside from water, of course, food is of the utmost importance. Their diet needs to be highly nutritious, coming with essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins for sufficient energy. The Hungry Puppy carries an assortment of food options that will provide exactly that, including horse feed, poultry pellets, wildlife sweetcorn, hay, mealworm, deer feed, rabbit pellets, etc. In addition, you can incorporate supplements into your pet’s diet, such as Farnam Sandclear, which is a great source of fiber that simultaneously removes sand and dirt from the animal’s body. We also offer food storage containers, whether it’s a ten gallon garbage pail, a one hundred gallon tank for water, a rubber feed pan, or a chick waterer. Your equine and livestocks’ environment and shelter are equally important. Since they are usually kept outside, pesky flies and insects often prove to be an issue. That’s why we offer safe sprays and traps that repel flies, as well as unwanted animal intruders without causing them any harm. Or try Prozap Poultry Dust! It’s great for use in gardens and also on poultry, controlling mites and lice. This is sure to create a welcoming, safe area for your companion to rest and call their own! Our other miscellaneous items include medicines and medications to treat wounds, shampoos, conditioners, eye and ear flushers, etc.

The Hungry Puppy has all the needed supplies to help care for you equine and livestock at all sizes and ages!


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