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Delivery on Demand

The Hungry Puppy Delivery Truck

The Hungry Puppy offers you the convenience of home, office, and farm delivery!

We will deliver any product that we sell right to your door!

Our delivery service is year-round, Tuesday through Friday. We deliver everywhere in Monmouth county and parts of Ocean, Middlesex, and Mercer counties. We'll even deliver to local animal shelters on your behalf!


How to Place your Delivery Order:

You may call the store at 732-938-4470 to place your order. You may also leave a detailed message on our voicemail (ext. 102) or email us at

Check Your Local Delivery Day Here

***Delivery orders must be placed by 5pm the evening before your delivery day***


You can now place delivery orders on our website!
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Minimums for Free Delivery

One of the following minimums must be met for free delivery:

  • Domestic Pets (such as cats, dogs, small animals, and caged birds) - $75 minimum
  • Horse/Farm Animal feed - 500 lb. minimum (typically ~10 bags)
  • Pine shavings - 50 bale minimum (delivery price per pale is higher than in-store purchase)
  • Wood pelleted bedding - 30 bag minimum (delivery price per bale is higher than in-store purchase)
  • *You do not need to meet a delivery minimum if ordering prescription diets*

Under Minimum Charges

  • If your Domestic Pet order is between $50-$75 a $4 under minimum delivery charge will apply.
  • If your Domestic Pet order is under $50 an $8 under minimum delivery charge will apply.
  • If the 10 bag Horse/Farm Animal Feed minimum for free delivery is not met an $8 under minimum delivery charge will apply.

    Bulky items, such as dog houses, hutches, and kennels, may require additional charges.

    Free Local Delivery is available Tuesday through Friday.

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    Express Delivery is available for when you need something right away!

    Click here to learn about Same Day Delivery

    Set up an Automatic Delivery to ensure you never run out of food again!

    Click here to learn about Automatic Delivery

    Frozen Delivery now available! Receive your pet's favorite frozen products right to your front door.

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    Getting dog food delivered by The Hungry Puppy in New Jersey can be convenient and save time. It can also be helpful if you have difficulty carrying heavy items or need to manage multiple pets. Plus, you may be able to get a better price if you order online in bulk.

    Getting dog food delivered automatically is convenient and time-saving. It ensures that your pup always has a regular supply of food with no need to remember to go to the store or place an order. It also usually comes with free shipping, so you can save money. Plus, it can be tailored to your pup's specific dietary needs, so you can be sure they're getting the nutrition they need when they need it.

    Getting dog food delivered automatically is a convenient and efficient way to ensure that your pet always has a steady supply of food. It eliminates the need to constantly check the pantry for food and makes sure that you never run out. Additionally, it can save you money by allowing you to take advantage of discounts, subscription deals, and free shipping offers.

    Frozen dog food delivery 

    The Hungry Puppy offers frozen dog food delivery services. This can be a convenient way to get your pup’s frozen meals delivered right to your doorstep. We offer subscription services that allow you to customize your order and have the food delivered on a regular basis, whenever you need it at regular intervals. The Hungry Puppy also offers one-time orders. When looking for frozen dog food delivery, be sure to research the company before making a purchase. You will find that The Hungry Puppy has high customer reviews and satisfation, quality product ingredients, and flexible delivery policies.

    The Hungry Puppy online and in store pet food delivery service offers a variety of frozen dog food options. From premium brands like Merrick and Canidae to more affordable brands like Taste of the Wild and Nutrisource, The Hungry Puppy has a wide selection of frozen dog food available for delivery to your front door. The company also offers convenient subscription services so you can get your pet's favorite meals delivered on a regular basis.

    Benefits of dog food delivery on demand by The Hungry Puppy

    1. Convenience: Dog food delivery on demand means that pet owners can access their pet's food with the click of a button. This eliminates the need to run to the store or wait in line to purchase food. 
    2. Time Saving: With dog food delivery on demand, pet owners no longer need to spend valuable time running to the store or waiting in line. This allows them to spend more time with their pet and enjoy quality time together. 
    3. Cost Savings: By having pet food delivered on demand, pet owners can save money on gas, parking, and other costs associated with making a physical trip to the store. 
    4. Variety: Dog food delivery on demand provides pet owners with a wider variety of food options to choose from. This allows them to select the best food for their pet’s specific needs and dietary requirements. 
    5. Freshness: Dog food delivered on demand is often fresher than food purchased from a store. This helps to ensure that pet owners are providing their pet with the highest quality food.