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A number of animals fall under the category of livestock: horses, donkeys, cattle, sheep, goats, deer, camels, llamas, alpacas, pigs, rabbits, chicken, etc. With how many different types there are, it can be hard to figure out the individual needs of each animal. However, they all have basic care requirements that they share in common. Carrying brands like Southern States, Mazuri, MidWest, Triple Crown, Durvet, Manna, Oxbow, Purina, and more, The Hungry Puppy has a wide assortment of livestock supplies.

Shelter is one of the first basic needs you should ensure your pet has. While they may spend a majority of their time outside, it’s important they have somewhere to go inside during the night. This is where our many shelter supplies come in, including tube gates, pine shavings, chicken coops, and more. We also have products that can help make their environment as comfortable and clean as possible with sprays and traps, as well as poultry dust, that safely repel pesky insects and intruder animals. Another important requirement is access to food and water. Use one of our water and food storage containers, ranging from bowls and pans to pails and tanks, to hold their feed. The Hungry Puppy’s variety of livestock food includes options for every animal. Horses, lambs, sheep, and pigs have pellets or textured feed. Smaller animals have hay and pellets. Hens and chickens have mealworms. The list goes on! Each food product has their own unique, special formula to provide your companion with the appropriate levels of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need. Plus, some are designed with specific purposes and health conditions in mind, such as growth, performance, age, fiber, carbs, activity level, etc. Pick up some supplements to fill the nutritional gaps your pets may have, whether it be for joints and mobility, gastrointestinal purposes, etc. Stay prepared with medical supplies in the event of an emergency. Our self-adherent Co-Flex bandages are great to stop bleeding and help with fractures, and our dewormers keep your pet’s insides healthy and happy. Bigeloil is ideal for animals with sore muscles and joints, and eye flushers can be used to remove any irritants and debris from the eye, which is especially useful for livestock that spend a majority of their time outdoors. Keep your livestock feeling clean and fresh on the outside too with hoof moisturizers and shampoos and conditioners from Mane & Tail! Other miscellaneous items include feed scoopers, bran oil, brooder lamps, drain plug heaters, etc.

It can be confusing trying to take care of so many different types of animals, but with the help of The Hungry Puppy’s livestock supplies, you’re sure to get the basics down!