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Livestock Feed

The category of livestock is inclusive of a number of animals: horses, donkeys, cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, pigs, rabbits, chicken, etc. With how many types there are, it can be overwhelming trying to meet each of their individual needs - especially diet. That’s why with brands like Southern States, Triumph, Triple Crown, Van Ness, Purina, Manna, Oxbow, and more, The Hungry Puppy provides a wide selection of livestock feed!

Providing your livestock with nutritionally balanced food is important for the reason that it keeps them healthy and strong, as well as helps them to continuously and properly produce milk, meat, wool, etc. That’s where The Hungry Puppy’s livestock feed comes in. Each of our carried brands use unique formulas with appropriate levels of moisture, fiber, protein, carbohydrates and nutrients - all of which are of the utmost importance in your companion’s diet. Our store has quality pellets and textured feed for all your livestock. Pellets are convenient for the pet owner because they are easily stored and have a longer shelf life. Plus, they’re great for animals with weaker teeth and jaws. Textured feed is better for picky, finicky eaters, and they allow for pet owners to see exactly what goes into their pet’s food. Regardless of which you choose, they are all extremely nutritious and provide appropriate levels of crude fibers, proteins, and fats that help your companion grow healthy, strong, and maintain proper body composition. We also have sweet feed, a very palatable, tasty option that combines corn, sugar, oats, and molasses that is sure to keep your livestock neighing, baaa-ing, oinking, or clucking for more! Overall, our food products and treats contain the highest quality ingredients that taste great and will make your livestock feel their best, whether it be with corn, alfalfa, wheat bran, grass, hay, mealworm, etc. Not to mention, many of the food options are designed with specific purposes or health conditions in mind, such as age, growth, maintenance, performance, racing, competing, extra fiber or omega fatty acids, low starch, etc. Pick up one of our food scoopers, buckets, pails, pans, or tanks to complete the feeding process!

The Hungry Puppy has all the food options and supplies you need to keep your livestock full, healthy, and happy!


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