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Livestock Supplies

With our assortment of livestock supplies, The Hungry Puppy wants to help you say thank you to your cattle, goats, lambs, horses, sheep, pigs, chickens, and other livestock animals for all that they do, whether it’s providing you with commodities or being a companion. Choose from our many products from brands like Co-Flex, Durvet, Farnam, Fortiflex, Happy Hen, Manna, Mazuri, Oxbow, Southern States, Triple Crown, and more. 

With how many animals fall under the category of “livestock,” how do you know what each type requires? They all share the same basic needs, which The Hungry Puppy can provide! The first requirement is shelter. Livestock can’t stay outside all the time, so it’s important they have a space they can turn to that can protect them from the elements of weather. Keep their environment welcoming, comfy, and cozy with different bedding options, such as hay, pellets, and shavings. These can keep your companion warm, while also quickly absorbing any moisture to keep them dry. And keep unwanted intruders away from your livestock using fly traps and repellents. Hay can also be used as a food - the next requirement for livestock! All animals need to eat. Just choose from our diet options of hay, pellets, worms, cubes, oats, etc for all types of animals. Each feed option is formulated with their own blends of nutritionally balanced, complete ingredients that help your livestock to better produce, perform, grow, and develop. Once they’ve eaten, give them something to drink in our many water containers, coming as pails, buckets, and tanks. Lastly, keep handy some emergency supplies: self-adhesive bandages for injuries, drawing salves, and more. The Hungry Puppy has you covered with all your livestock needs, providing you with the essentials of shelter, food, water storage, medical supplies, etc!