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Litter Supplies

Carrying brands like Ever Clean, Swheat Scoop, Litter Lifter, Intersand, Fresh Step, Pestell, Dr. Elsey’s, Van Ness, Yesterday’s News, Arm & Hammer, World’s Best, and Tidy Cats, The Hungry Puppy offers a wide variety of kitty litter supplies because we know when your pet needs to go - they need to go. And why not make the everyday process easier on both you and your furry friend with one of our products?

You should first choose an appropriate type of litter that not only suits your cat’s preferences, but also yours. The first type of litter is clay cat litter, which effectively absorbs liquid and should be changed at least once a week. Its odor is easily managed by adding baking soda or charcoal into the litter box. Clumping litter, which uses a special type of clay called bentonite, allows the clay to clump when wet. This makes cleanup all the easier for you as a pet owner! There is also silica gel based litter, which is absorbent and provides odor control and produces minimal dust, or biodegradable litter, which is extremely eco-friendly and made from recycled paper or plant derived materials. Whichever type of litter suits you and your furry friend’s preferences, no matter the base material, or unscented or scented (like lavender!), The Hungry Puppy has it for you. We also make sure that we carry a variety of litter boxes because the size, location, material, and type of your feline’s litter box is just as important as the litter inside it. Our store has open litter pans that make it easy for your companion, especially older cats, to easily step in and out. Plus, their waste is more accessible and easier to separate and clean. We also carry hooded or closed cat litter boxes, which gives your pet much more privacy and effectively blocks odor. Each of our boxes come in both neutral and fun colors, and a choice of different sizes according to the size of your cat and where in your home the box will be located! Trying to make potty time even simpler for you, our store encourages you to pick up one of our litter scoopers! Litter scoopers help you to separate your cat’s waste while still leaving behind clean, fresh litter in the box for the next go.

The Hungry Puppy encourages you to try out our assortment of litter supplies today so that both your cat and your home can start feeling as fresh, clean, happy, and light as possible!


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