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Cats may be low maintenance, independent creatures - never having to go on walks and perfectly content with staying within the four walls of your home, but this means it’s extra important for them to have an accessible place where they can use the bathroom! Particularly a place that’s mess free and odorless. That’s why The Hungry Puppy, carrying brands like Ever Clean, Swheat Scoop, Arm & Hammer, Scoop Away, Intersand, Fresh Step, Pestell, Dr. Elsey’s, Tidy Cats, World’s Best, and more, offers a variety of cat litter.

Because there are a few different types of cat litter, it’s important for you to not only know which type your cat prefers and feels most comfortable with, but also how each works. The first type of litter is clay cat litter, which is effective in absorbing liquid. It holds urine well, and the odor can be managed by simply adding baking soda or charcoal. Traditional clay litter should be changed at least once a week. Clumping clay cat litter, which has added bentonite, allows the clay to clump when wet, making it much easier to separate your feline’s waste and properly dispose of it. There is also silica gel based cat litter. The gel is absorbent and provides odor control, while also producing less dust than other cat litters. Another great option is biodegradable cat litter. Super eco-friendly, it can be made from recycled paper or plant derived materials like corn, wheat, and pine. No matter which type of litter you and your kitty prefer, we have options of both unscented and scented (like lavender!), though all of them are designed to block unpleasant odors!

When your best buddy needs to use the bathroom, make it as comfortable for them and painless for you as possible by purchasing litter from The Hungry Puppy today!