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Litter Boxes

Cat litter boxes are an essential part of both you and your finicky cat’s day to day lives, which is why The Hungry Puppy carries brands like Van Ness, Freshstep, Ever Clean, Arm & Hammer, Tidy Cats, Scoop Away, Dr. Elsey’s and more to make your selection as easy as possible.

There are many different types of litter boxes you and your feline can pick from, whether it's an open litter pan or hooded box. Open pans allow for cats to very easily hop in and out of the box, making it great for older or senior kitties. They are also much easier to clean for the pet owner, plus less expensive! Hooded or closed cat boxes are great for felines that are a bit more shy and appreciate privacy. These boxes are much more pleasing to the eye, as it hides your cat’s waste and effectively blocks odor. Another important factor to remember when choosing a litter box is to select the right sized box for your furry friend, depending upon their own size and where in your home you are choosing to locate the box. For that reason, our store carries litter pans in every possible size, including medium, large, and even giant for heavy duty purposes! Not to mention, they come in both neutral and fun, statement colors like gray, blue, green, and more!