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The Hungry Puppy's Soft Treats: Delightful Options for Dogs and Cats

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As pet lovers, we always want the best for our furry friends, including their treats! At The Hungry Puppy, you will find a wide range of soft treats that cater to the unique dietary needs of both dogs and cats. With options that are grain-free, grain-inclusive, and with limited ingredients, they ensure that every pet can enjoy a delicious snack. In this blog post, we'll explore the soft treat options provided by popular brands such as Bil Jac, Bixbi, Cadet, Fruitables, and Temptations. So, let's dive in and discover the perfect indulgence for your beloved companion!

Grain-Free Options:

  • Bil Jac Soft Dog Treats: Bil Jac is known for its high-quality ingredients, and their grain-free soft treats are no exception. These treats are made with real chicken or liver as the primary protein source, providing a rich and irresistible flavor. They are free from grains, gluten, and artificial preservatives, making them suitable for dogs with food sensitivities.
  • Bixbi Pocket Trainers: Bixbi Pocket Trainers are bite-sized, grain-free treats, and made in the USA, that are perfect for training sessions. These soft treats feature limited ingredients, ensuring they are gentle on sensitive stomachs. Made with delicious flavors such as bacon or peanut butter, they offer a moist and flavorful reward for your four-legged friend.
  • Grain-Inclusive Options:

  • Cadet Soft Dog Treats: Cadet offers a variety of soft treats that are both delicious and nutritious. Their grain-inclusive options include flavors such as sweet potato. These treats are made with high-quality proteins and contain added vitamins and minerals to support your dog's overall health.
  • Fruitables Crunchy Dog Treats: Fruitables combine the goodness of fruits and vegetables with a grain-inclusive recipe in their soft treats. These treats feature a blend of pumpkin, sweet potato, and other natural ingredients, providing a delectable taste for your furry friend. With flavors like apple, banana, and blueberry, these treats are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.
  • Limited Ingredient Options:

  • Nutrisource Jerky: Nutrisource limited ingredient jerky treats are specially crafted to support your dog's health. Made with a single source of high-quality protein, such as duck or salmon, they are grain-free and free from artificial preservatives. These treats are perfect for dogs with sensitivities or those on a limited ingredient diet.
  • Temptations Classic Treats for Cats: Temptations understands the discerning taste of our feline companions. Their limited ingredient soft treats for cats are made with real chicken or fish, providing an irresistible flavor. These treats are free from artificial flavors and are nutritionally balanced, making them a great option for treating your cat.

    Benefits of Giving Soft Treats to Pet Dogs:

  • Training Aid: Soft treats are often used as rewards during training sessions. Their soft and chewy texture makes them easy to break into smaller pieces, allowing for frequent rewards without overfeeding. This helps reinforce positive behaviors and encourages obedience in dogs.
  • Palatability: Soft treats are highly palatable and can be more enticing for dogs, even those with picky appetites. The moist and tender texture of soft treats enhances their appeal, making them a favorite among many dogs.
  • Dental Health: Some soft treats are specially formulated to promote dental health. They may have a textured surface or include ingredients that help reduce tartar buildup and freshen breath. Regularly offering dental treats can support oral hygiene and contribute to overall dental well-being.
  • Dietary Restrictions: For dogs with dietary restrictions or sensitivities, soft treats offer options that are grain-free, limited ingredient, or made with alternative protein sources. These specialized treats allow pet owners to provide rewards without triggering allergies or digestive issues.
  • Benefits of Giving Soft Treats to Pet Cats:

  • Bonding and Play: Offering soft treats to cats is an excellent way to bond with them. You can use treats to reward good behavior, encourage play, or simply show affection. The act of giving treats can strengthen the human-animal bond and enhance the overall relationship between pet owners and their feline companions.
  • Training and Enrichment: Cats are intelligent animals that can benefit from training and mental stimulation. Soft treats serve as positive reinforcement during training sessions, encouraging cats to learn and respond to commands. Additionally, using treats for puzzle toys or treat-dispensing devices can provide mental enrichment and keep cats engaged and entertained.
  • Promoting Health: Soft treats can also offer specific health benefits for cats. Some treats are formulated to support dental health by helping reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Others may contain ingredients that promote healthy skin and coat, urinary tract health, or joint support. Choosing treats with added nutritional benefits can contribute to a cat's overall well-being.
  • Weight Management: Soft treats can be portioned into smaller sizes, allowing pet owners to manage their cat's calorie intake more effectively. By using soft treats sparingly and in moderation, pet owners can provide rewards without compromising their cat's weight or overall health.
  • Remember, while soft treats have various benefits, it's important to consider your pet's individual dietary needs, portion sizes, and any specific health conditions when incorporating treats into their diet. Always consult with your veterinarian, or our personal pet consultant, for personalized advice and recommendations.


    Nowadays, many are looking to support local manufacturers. If you are wanting to do the same, here is a list of 10 brands that make soft treats right here in the USA:

  • Zuke's
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Wellness
  • Merrick
  • Bixbi
  • Bocce’s Bakery
  • Earthborn Holistic
  • K9 Granola
  • Loving Pets
  • Old Mother Hubbard
  • These brands prioritize quality and often use locally sourced ingredients in their products. By being manufactured in the USA, these treats offer pet owners the assurance of stringent quality control standards and support for local businesses.

    In summary, we here at The Hungry Puppy sell a fantastic selection of soft treats for both dogs and cats, ensuring that every pet can enjoy a delicious snack. From grain-free options to grain-inclusive and limited ingredient treats there is something to suit every pet's dietary needs and preferences. Remember, treats should be given in moderation as part of a balanced diet. So head over to our store, or online, and pamper your furry companion with these delightful soft treats today!

    Besides soft treats, The Hungry Puppy is an excellent pet store that offers a wide range of high-quality products for all of your beloved pets. From food to toys, to accessories, We have everything you need to keep all your pets healthy, happy, and entertained.

    Additionally, The Hungry Puppy also offers on-site veterinary services and personal pet consultation services, obedience training classes, a free dog park, doggy birthday parties, and pet-friendly events. Don’t forget to download the app and take advantage of the frequent buyers program, our nationwide shipping service, and our local delivery service. We truly are a one-stop-shop for all of your pet's needs!

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