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The Hungry Puppy Announces Free Nationwide Shipping on Stella and Chewy's 35oz Meal Mixers

The Hungry Puppy, a leading pet supply store, is excited to announce that they are now offering free nationwide shipping on Stella and Chewy's 35oz Meal Mixers. This new offering is a testament to The Hungry Puppy's commitment to providing their valued customers with unparalleled convenience and exceptional service.

Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixers are a premium and nutritious addition to any pet's diet. Made from high-quality ingredients, including real whole meats and organic fruits and vegetables, these meal mixers are designed to enhance your pet's overall health and well-being. They are a perfect solution for picky eaters or for owners looking to add variety to their pet's meals.

With The Hungry Puppy's free nationwide shipping offer, pet owners across the country can now experience the convenience of having Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixers delivered straight to their doorsteps without any additional cost. This not only saves customers time and effort but also ensures that their pets never run out of this wholesome and delicious food option.

"We are thrilled to offer free nationwide shipping on Stella and Chewy's 35oz Meal Mixers," says The Hungry Puppy. "We understand that our customers often lead busy lives, and providing them with convenient access to high-quality pet food is essential to us. This new offering allows pet owners from coast to coast to easily incorporate Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixers into their pet's diet, providing them with optimal nutrition."

To take advantage of this exciting offer, customers can visit The Hungry Puppy's online store at and browse the wide variety of Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixers available. The ordering process is simple and straightforward, allowing customers to select their desired products and have them delivered to their doorstep, free of charge.

The Hungry Puppy continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and aims to provide reliable and hassle-free shopping experiences. Along with free nationwide shipping, their dedicated team of pet experts remains available to answer any questions or provide guidance on the best food options for pets.

The Hungry Puppy, a trusted pet supply store, is excited to shed light on the reasons why Stella and Chewy's should be the go-to choice for pet owners seeking the best nutrition for their furry companions. With a commitment to providing exceptional products, The Hungry Puppy is proud to endorse Stella and Chewy's as a superior pet food brand.

Stella and Chewy's stands out from other brands for several reasons:

  1. High-Quality Ingredients: Stella and Chewy's places a strong emphasis on using premium, high-quality ingredients in their recipes. Real whole meats, organic fruits, and vegetables are the foundation of their products. This ensures that pets receive optimal nutrition, allowing them to thrive and maintain good health.
  1. Limited Ingredient Recipes: Certain pets may have sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients. Stella and Chewy's offers a wide range of limited ingredient recipes that cater to pets with specific dietary needs. These recipes are carefully formulated, excluding common allergens such as grains, gluten, or artificial additives.
  1. Freeze-Dried and Raw Philosophy: Stella and Chewy's believes in the power of raw nutrition, which closely resembles the natural diet of animals. By freeze-drying their products, they retain the essential nutrients and flavors of the ingredients. This process also eliminates the need for artificial preservatives, ensuring a healthy and balanced meal for pets.
  1. Enhanced Palatability: Stella and Chewy's takes great care in formulating recipes that pets will love. Their products have been known to entice even the pickiest eaters due to their enticing flavors and textures. This ensures that pets eagerly consume their meals, leading to improved overall health and well-being.
  1. Food Safety: Stella and Chewy's maintains stringent food safety standards throughout their manufacturing process. Each batch is tested for quality and safety, providing pet owners with peace of mind knowing that their furry friends are consuming safe and reliable products.

About The Hungry Puppy:

The Hungry Puppy is a family-owned and operated pet supply store located in Farmingdale, NJ. With over 20 years of experience, they offer a wide range of high-quality pet food, supplies, toys, and accessories. Their knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and helping pet owners make the best choices for their furry friends.

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