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Feeding Your Pet Red, White, and Blue

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Cute black pup laying down under a patriotic banner wearing red, white and blue sunglasses

Made in the USA 

Living in the United States means different things to different people. For some, it’s job opportunities, fair pay, and more rights. For others it’s diversity, freedom, and culture.

Then there are the people that take it to be a country that sells goods of the highest, safest, most luxurious quality. While some people may simply glance over the “Made in the USA” labels on their groceries and other belongings, many do not. American made products are constantly rising in popularity, and it shows by how many people seek out the label that indicates merchandise that is long lasting, trustworthy, and beneficial to the user. It has become so popular that consumers don’t look for it just on their own items, but their pet’s food and supplies too.

What does it mean to be American Made?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), for a product to qualify as “American Made,” it “must be ‘all or virtually all’ made in the U.S.” This means that “all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. That is, the product should contain no — or negligible — foreign content.” 

The key to being Made in the USA is that each and every part of the product is sourced from the US. For example, if a can of pet food was to use chicken and turkey from the US, but duck from Canada, that needs to be included as a disclaimer on the label. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case even for products that are labeled as “Made in the USA.” Many companies falsely identify their items as American Made simply because their merchandise is quite literally assembled and put together in America, or just a fraction of their sources are American. Some pet food companies have had lawsuits filed against them for using a “Made in the USA” label when in reality, they were refusing to disclose where some of their ingredients were sourced from. The same has happened to brands that attempted to mislead purchasers by using phrases like “Responsibly Sourced,” or “No Ingredients from China.”

Naturally they’d appreciate for sellers to be more transparent. This is because many people willingly spend a larger amount of money for American goods. It’s no secret that pet food and supplies made in the US can be a bit pricier, but people still choose to spend the extra money for the guaranteed quality and safety.

To be more specific, let’s get into some of the exact reasons why people pride themselves off of using American Made food and supplies for their companions.

Why Buy Pet Food & Supplies “Made in the USA?”


Foods and supplies made in the U.S. are helder to much higher, stricter guidelines and regulations than those overseas or outside of the country, such as China and Canada. These guidelines regulate both the content, nutritional value, safety, and manufacturing of the items. For instance, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the manufacturing of pet food and its labeling requirements. They also stress that pet food ingredients must be safe and have some sort of function, such as higher nutritional value. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) also has set standards proposed for labels. It’s been proven that foreign products often contain unsafe and harmful ingredients, chemicals, and materials that can lead to your pet’s illness or even death. This is why they are often recalled.

High Quality

Pet supplies that are made in America have a much higher quality than foreign products. They are more durable and use excellent materials, which means you’re getting your hands on a product that will last you much, much longer. This is in contrast to products made overseas that are sometimes made with cheaper materials. In addition, food products and supplies are produced in much larger quantities overseas. Mass production can lead to unhygienic and unsafe details that go unnoticed. The US produces things in much smaller batches. Plus, with how much stricter our rules and regulations are, it’s hard to come out with goods for your pet that are not higher in quality.


Purchasing pet products outside of the US can be harmful for the environment for three reasons. The first reason is that a large amount of chemicals can be used to produce your pet’s supplies and food overseas. This is both unsafe for the world we live in and also our furry family members. Secondly, there is going to be much more packaging. It will likely be made for heavier products used to ship something from so far away. This can lead to a buildup of waste and garbage in landfills if it is not biodegradable. Thirdly, the amount of gasoline and other harmful gas emissions used to transport and distribute your pet’s items will certainly leave behind a larger carbon footprint.

Support Local Businesses & Economy

By purchasing products closer to you right here in the United States, you’re supporting a country that has put in place laws and guidelines for proper treatment, conditions, and fair pay for its workers. You’re also helping to support local businesses and companies that not only have the pet food and supplies you need, but also genuinely cares for their customers and their companions.

Purchasing items made from the United States can help enrich you and your pet’s lives by giving you the peace of mind that your cat, dog, or other companion animal is receiving the best of the best. In addition, you’re not only boosting your own lives, but also the lives of all workers, those around you, and Mother Nature!

Author Biography: Megan Lim is a writer for The Hungry Puppy Pet Food & Supplies Store located in Farmingdale, NJ. The Hungry Puppy is a one stop shop that provides pets and pet owners with all their dog, cat, equine, bird, wildlife, farm and small animal needs! Carrying premium brands at the lowest prices, they have all the food options and products you need to be the best possible pet parent! 

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