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How CBD Helps Dogs/Pets with Anxiety

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*The following blog post was written by King Kanine – all credit goes to King Kanine*
“When our pets panic, we panic. Dogs, especially, tend to be anxious creatures when certain sounds or sights set them off, from rain and thunder to fireworks and the Amazon delivery man. No one likes to see their pets suffer, so when it comes to assuaging the nerves of a jittery Jack Russell or a petulant pussycat more pet owners are looking towards CBD for pets. According to Preventative Vet, CBD oil for anxiety can provide much-needed relief in pooches petrified of separation or travel.

CBD hemp oil for pets isn’t a newfangled idea, either. At SuperZoo 2019, the largest national show for pet retailers, there was a huge showing of products with CBD and hemp extracts made specifically for pets. According to veterinarian Gary Richter, “We know from scientific literature for people that there are a lot of legitimate medical uses for cannabis. When we look at the results of what happens when people have appropriately treated their pets with cannabis, in many cases the results are undeniable.”

So how does CBD for pets help anxiety relief? Cannabidiol from the hemp plant has been known to alleviate stress in humans and pets. When CBD enters a mammal’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), receptors found throughout the body are turned on, so when a body is experiencing tension and stress, CBD enables the body to calm down thanks to the ‘conversation’ between the CBD and the receptors.

Because pets typically suffer from situational anxiety–ie. thunder–CBD oil for pets is particularly effective because of its soothing, calming properties. July 4, in particular, is a huge trigger for pet anxiety, the busiest day of the year for animal shelters because of so many spooked pooches high tail it out of wherever they are in search of solace, according to American Humane. As a result, pet owners panic, too. “We’ve definitely had an increase in owners asking about [CBD for pets] around the Fourth of July,” Manhattan vet Yasmine Mortsakis told the New York Post.

Many vets like Mortsakis stop short of endorsing the CBD oil for pets, not because it doesn’t work, but because they want more studies. The results of studies of CBD oil on pets thus far has been encouraging, and vets have noted that more studies are necessary to get the full picture on how to treat your pooch properly.

“Right now, it’s one of those things where most vets think there are a lot of therapeutic benefits, but there’s not enough research,” she said.

Studies continue on all sorts of ways CBD oil can benefit animals. One such study is a recent one at Cornell University, which found that dogs with osteoarthritis and joint pain had fewer symptoms and more energy after being treated with CBD oil. So while that one study may not have anything to do with your pet’s anxiety, these promising results of CBD oil on pets is also doing wonders in relieving pet owners’ anxieties as well.”

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