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Healthy Essentials Probiotic Food Spray

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Got loose stool

Healthy Essentials Probiotic Food Spray for Dogs

An easy, natural, and effective way to give your dog probiotics.

Healthy Essentials Probiotic Food Spray contains 11 strains of live and viable bacteria.



Why would I feed my dog bacteria?!
When you first hear the word “bacteria,” you may think about germs or diseases. However, there are good bacteria that live inside of our bodies and help them function. Just like with humans, bacteria lives in the gastroinstestinal system of dogs and aids in digestion. These bacteria also help fight off possible pathogens, makes vitamins and minerals, and boosts the immune system. When these bacteria are lacking, your dog may experience stomach upset. Probiotics are a great way to populate the gut with good bacteria to ensure it functions as best as possible.

Healthy petAmong many other things, one of the top benefits of probiotics is improving or easing gastrointestinal ailments or conditions. They have shown to reduce the time it takes to resolve acute diarrhea in dogs. Probiotics also help relieve other intestinal conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome or constipation. Healthy Essentials Probiotic Food Spray helps regulate bowel function, improving the frequency and quality of stools. This makes for a happy pup and an even happier owner!

Healthy Essential ProbioticHealthy Essential Probiotic Food Spray is a shelf stable liquid spray that does not need mixing or refrigeration. It’s easy to use – just shake thoroughly before use and spray on your dog’s food. Not only do dogs love the taste, but the spray contains over 975,000 viable colony forming probiotic organisms per ml! For best results, the probiotic spray should be used regularly throughout every life stage of your dog.

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