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Halloween Safety Tips

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Dog with head on large pumpkin

From spooky scares to sweet treats, Halloween is a fun time of year. This holiday bring about a lot of fun and excitement. While we’re enjoying the holiday, it’s important to remember that we should take certain precautions to ensure that our furry pet friends have an enjoyable time as well!


1. Candy is for kids, not pets.
– Candy can be toxic for pets. Chocolate especially can be dangerous (and even lethal) for cats and dogs. Be sure to keep the Halloween candy out of reach for your pets.

Dogs in Halloween CostumesHalloween Dogs

2. Keep pets away from the front door.

– If you’re expecting Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween, you should expect to be opening your door all night. Be careful that your pets are not near the door with the continuous opening and closing, you don’t want to risk them running out of the house.


3. Make sure their ID is updated.

– If your pet manages to get out, you want to be sure their identification is up to date. Any time you make changes like a phone number or address, be sure to update your pet’s ID right away. This will make it easier to return them to their proper home if they ever get out or lost.

4. Don’t leave pets outside on Halloween (or a couple of days before or after).

– As sad as it is, animals can become victims of cruel Halloween “pranks.” Pets, especially black cats, are at risk of these cruelty-related incidents.


5. Be careful with costumes.Cat in witch hat
– Pets in costumes are beyond cute, but only dress your pets in costumes if you know they like it. If your pet is okay with wearing a costume, be sure it isn’t unsafe. Costumes should not constrict movement, breathing, hearing, seeing, or barking or meowing. If you start to see them getting uncomfortable, take off their costume. If your pet is not so into the idea of wearing a costume but you’d like them to get into the Halloween spirit, opt for a festive bandana or collar.

6. Keep lit pumpkins away from pets.

– Jack-O-Lanterns are a Halloween staple, but you want to be careful where you keep them. Don’t place lit Jack-O-Lanterns (or any candles) anywhere your pet could either touch it and burn themselves or knock it over and start a fire.


Jack-o-lantern and fall images

Happy Halloween!

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