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Discover the Premium Nutrition Found in Dr. Marty Pet Foods for Dogs and Cats


When it comes to choosing the best diet for our beloved pets, we are often faced with a myriad of options. However, Dr. Marty's pet foods for dogs and cats have gained significant popularity amongst pet owners seeking high-quality and nutritious meal options for their furry friends. Known for their commitment to providing wholesome ingredients, optimal formulas, and various sizes, Dr. Marty pet foods are worth considering. Let's delve deeper into what makes these products stand out.

Dr. Marty's Formulas:

  1. Nature’s Feast (Cats):

Cats are obligate carnivores, and Dr. Marty's Nature's Feast cat food formula respects their dietary needs. This freeze-dried recipe is crafted using a unique combination of raw ingredients such as turkey, chicken, salmon, and duck liver. Complemented with essential vitamins and minerals, Nature's Feast offers a nutritionally balanced diet to support overall feline health and well-being.

  1. ProPower Plus (Dogs):

Dr. Marty's ProPower Plus formula caters specifically to dogs. This freeze-dried dog food combines various animal proteins, including turkey, beef, and duck, along with fruits and vegetables such as sweet potato, broccoli, and apples. These ingredients are carefully selected to provide a balanced meal packed with crucial vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal canine health.

  1. Raw Reserve (Dogs):

Another excellent option for dogs, Dr. Marty's Raw Reserve is a freeze-dried dog food formula created to mimic the natural diet of canines. This grain-free recipe combines raw proteins like beef, turkey, and duck with additional ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and nutrient-rich organs. It ensures that dogs receive the essential nutrients they need for strong muscles, healthy digestion, and overall vitality.

  1. Clean Dog Food:

Dr. Marty's Clean Dog Food is crafted with minimal ingredients, focusing on quality proteins such as beef and turkey, combined with wholesome fruits and vegetables. This formula aims to provide dogs with a clean and simple diet that supports their overall health and digestion.

  1. Canine Prime (Dogs):

Canine Prime by Dr. Marty is a nutrient-rich dog food formula that combines multiple protein sources like turkey, beef, and salmon, along with fruits and vegetables. It is designed to provide dogs with optimal nutrition and support their wellness throughout different stages of life.

  1. Feline Prime (Cats):

Similar to the Canine Prime formula, Dr. Marty's Feline Prime offers cats a blend of premium proteins, including turkey and salmon, along with nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. This formula aims to provide cats with a balanced and satisfying meal while supporting their overall health and vitality.

Sizes and Availability:

Dr. Marty pet foods are available in a range of sizes, ensuring that you can easily find an option that suits your pet's needs:

  1. Trial Size:

Ideal for first-time buyers or for those uncertain about committing to a larger size, Dr. Marty offers a trial size for both cat and dog formulas. This allows pet owners to introduce their furry companions to the benefits of Dr. Marty's premium pet foods.

  1. Small Size:

If you have a small breed or simply prefer a smaller package for convenience, Dr. Marty offers small-sized options in their product range. These sizes provide ample nutrition while saving on storage space.

  1. Regular/Large Sizes:

Designed to cater to pets with larger appetites or households with multiple pets, Dr. Marty's regular or large sizes ensure you have enough pet food to last for an extended period. With these sizes, you can conveniently feed your pets without the hassle of frequent restocking.

Dr. Marty's pet foods for dogs and cats offer a superior quality diet packed with natural ingredients and balanced nutrition. With formulas like Nature's Feast and ProPower Plus tailored specifically to meet the unique dietary needs of cats and dogs, as well as various sizes available to suit different households, Dr. Marty pet foods are an excellent choice for pet owners who prioritize their furry friend's well-being. By providing wholesome and nutrient-dense meals, Dr. Marty helps support a healthier and happier life for our four-legged companions.

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