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BBQ Dangers for Dogs

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Dog wearing hat holding ketchup and hotdog on fork

BBQs are a staple of summer time fun. While we may like it bring our pets along, it’s important to know some of the potential dangers that may arise for our pets.

The biggest part about BBQs that is dangerous for dogs is the food. There are different food items that are perfectly fine (and delicious) for humans but can be dangerous for dogs.

Foods to avoid for pets according to PetMD:
1. Ribs and other meats on the bone-
Although bones are expected to be okay for dogs to chew on, bones from BBQs are hazardous. Cooked bones are more likely to splinter. Splintered bones, when chewed and swallowed, can cause injury, including puncturing the digestive tract, which can lead to internal bleeding. Keep it safe and only give dogs bones that specifically for them.

2. Chicken (wings)-
The bones from chicken wings are small and can obstruct the intestines, get lodged in the throat, or have the potential to splinter.

3. Hot dogs-
Hot dogs are okay to give to pets in moderation. However, be aware that they are typically high in fat and high calorie. If you do decide to share a dog with your dog, be sure to cut them into small bite size pieces. If you give them a whole hot dog there is the potential for choking.

4. Burgers and steak-
Just like hot dogs, burgers and steak tend to be higher in fat. Again, sharing these foods can be okay in moderation, but be mindful of the effects of fatty foods. Fatty meats can result in pancreatitis which causes vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and in severe cases, organ failure.

5. Guacamole-
This summer time snack is a big no for dogs. Onion and garlic can cause gastrointestinal issues, elevated heart rate, and red blood cell damage. Avocados are said to be toxic for dogs and can result in vomiting, diarrhea, or lack of stool production.

6. Fruit Salad-
Be wary of sharing fruit salad with your four-legged friend. While some fruits are okay for them to have, grapes should not be shared. Grapes are known for causing kidney failure in dogs.

7. Desserts-
When it comes to everyone’s favorite meal – dessert – it’s best to keep it to yourself. A popular flavor in dessert is chocolate, which is highly toxic for dogs. “Theobromine” causes the toxic effect in chocolate. Chocolate poisoning can cause heart arrhythmia, muscle tremors, and seizures.

Pet Finder’s Tips for Safe BBQs:
1. Make sure your pet’s ID tag is updated and visible
2. Keep charcoal, matches, and lighter fluid away from dogs
3. Consider keeping your pets on a leash – helps you keep an eye on them
4. Keep dogs away from grills and flames
5. Place citronella and other insect repellents out of dogs’ reach
6. Never leave alcohol unattended
7. Only use sunscreen and bug spray labeled for pets
8. Try to avoid giving dogs people food
9. Always keep an eye on your dog – if they seem overwhelmed, give them a break. Go inside or go to an area that’s away from the crowd.

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