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Wet Cat Food

Wet food is a highly popular, fun food option that both cats and pet owners love! That’s why The Hungry Puppy, carrying premium brands like Acana, Triumph, Evolve, Wellness, RAWZ, Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, Weruva, Earthborn, Purina, Nature’s Variety, and more, has a wide stock of wet cat food ready for the picking.

Cats love wet food because of its variety of alluring scents, aromas, and flavors. With an assortment of irresistible flavors like chicken, tuna, venison, salmon, turkey, duck, mackerel, pumpkin, beef, rabbit, cheese, shrimp, etc, your feline is sure to look forward to mealtime! Not only that, but pet owners love canned food because of its high nutritional value. Its soft texture makes it easily digestible, easy on the teeth, and easy on the jaw. Better yet, its high moisture content keeps kittens hydrated and their urinary tract feeling healthy and clean. Canned food typically contains higher levels of protein, oils, and healthy fats that cats need to build strong bones and muscles, as well as shiny fur and coats. The lower levels of carbohydrates also make it a great option for cats, as they are not essential in a cat’s diet but felines can still benefit from the boost of energy that a moderate amount of carbs can provide. Other great vitamins and minerals in wet cat food include iron, zinc, and biotin. These nutrients help support the immune system, maintain the eyes, skin, and bones, and regulate your furry friend’s release of energy.

The Hungry Puppy offers a line of wet cat food that even the pickiest purrers couldn’t resist!