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Calming & Anxiety Relief

It may seem like all your pet needs is some cuddles, toys, and treats to be content, but if your dog or cat feels anxiety, that may not always be the case. That’s why The Hungry Puppy carries a variety of calming and anxiety relief products to help bring some peace back into your pet’s life.

Anxiety in pets can be caused by a number of things. The most common trigger is separation from their owners, the alpha, residents of the household, etc. But it’s not limited to just this. Anxiety may also come as a result of sudden changes in your pet’s daily routine, such as changes in times for meals or walks, the addition of a new person or pet in the household, rearranging of furniture, and less time spent together. It can also stem from a lack of socialization as a puppy, causing them to feel aggressive, uneasy, or nervous when in the presence of other animals or people. Don’t forget how nerve-racking vet visits and loud sounds can be. Pet parents can usually spot anxiety in their pets if they show signs of inappropriate elimination, whining, excessive barking or meowing, whimpering, hiding, and chewing on everything.

If the mental health illness is severe in your companion, your veterinarian may prescribe them medication. However, there are usually other methods that can be tried first. The Hungry Puppy offers many possible solutions. Try options from brands like HomeoPet, Pet Naturals, Virbac, Dr. Harvey’s, King Kalm, Earth Buddy, Espree, and more. With brands like these you can choose from a wide assortment of ways to help calm your pet, including but not limited to shampoos, oils, balms, treats, supplements, chews, collars, and diffusers. You can even try the ThunderShirt! It’s a cute, stylish wrap that gently applies pressure to your pets, relieving their anxiety. 

Bring back your pet’s peace with one of The Hungry Puppy’s many calming and anxiety relief products.