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The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Virbac. Virbac is driven by a passion for enhancing the health of companion animals. In the US, their focus is solely on meeting the unique needs of veterinary professionals caring for dogs, cats and other animals. They recognize that meeting those needs starts with listening before they can develop a set of innovative solutions to fight animal diseases. Ultimately, the essence of Virbac US is found in their relationships with their veterinarians. It is through these relationships that, together, they can find the right answers by first asking the right questions.

Each of their actions are nourished by creativity and by their astute mindset. At the forefront of the newest trends and tools, they are committed to offering ever more ingenious and useful solutions to their customers. They focus on prevention and well-being of animals to answer current animal health challenges around the world, while keeping in mind the nutritional and sanitary dimensions.