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The Hungry Puppy carries Bil-Jac because they are different on purpose. Delivering the high-quality nutrition your dog needs to thrive is at the core of what makes Bil-Jac so special. After all, your furry friends count on you for many things, most importantly proper nutrition. That’s why Bil-Jac only uses the highest quality ingredients possible—and why so many pet parents feed their dogs Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food.

Bil-Jac has made it their mission to develop a gentler way to prepare food to keep your best friend happy and healthy. Their unique process helps protect essential nutrients. Their Nutri-Lock cooking method is a small-batch, slow-cooking style that locks in the food’s goodness before being ever-so-gently dried. By taking the extra time to have the food simmer in its own juices and gently dried, your best friend will have nutritious food that’s easy to chew with a taste they can’t resist. After all, the best nutrition is only great when it’s eaten. You’ll know you’ve found the right dog food because your best friend will have a shiny, fuller coat, softer skin, brighter eyes, increased energy, improved muscle tone, and smaller, firmer stools.

The Hungry Puppy carries Bil-Jac because they thrive on taking a different approach in feeding your best friend, providing them the nutrition and immune support your dog needs to be happy and healthy day in and day out.

Thrive on Different

Selected wholesome grains containing antioxidants and fresh, never frozen chicken.
Bil-Jac takes a different approach in feeding your best friend.
The Hungry Puppy offers Bil Jac dry food for dogs.