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Terro Flea Trap
Terro Flea Trap
Terro Flea Trap
Terro Flea Trap
Terro Flea Trap
Terro Flea Trap

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Terro Flea Trap

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TERRO Flea Trap

Detect, monitor, and control flea infestations inside your home with the TERRO Flea Trap. This trap, which features sticky glue boards, lures fleas out of upholstery and carpeting from up to 30 ft away. The unique design helps you to eliminate your flea problem without spraying chemicals or dousing your pets. The trap uses light and heat to simulate a warm-blooded host. When the fleas jump at their intended meal, they instead land on the Super Grabber glue discs and get stuck. The trap’s small footprint also allows you to place it almost anywhere.

Attract Fleas from Up to 30 Feet Away

When plugged in, the TERRO Flea Trap utilizes light and heat to draw fleas out of their hiding spaces. These attractants can entice fleas from up to 30 feet away when no other attractants are nearby. The trap's 360º access allows fleas to enter from all directions. Use one trap for every room where fleas are present. If you’re a pet owner, you can use the TERRO Flea Trap year-round as an early detection device, luring these parasites out of upholstery, carpeting, and cracks.

How it Works

Why are fleas so eager to investigate the TERRO Flea Trap? Adult fleas sense heat, which to them indicates a warm-blooded animal host. By simulating the warmth of the host, the flea trap attracts fleas from where they hide. When the fleas and other insects jump toward the heat in an attempt to feast on their “host,” they find themselves stuck to the Super Grabber glue board, unable to escape.

Easy to Use

To set up, simply extend the canopy until it clicks into place. Attach the bulb, plug in the trap and turn it on. Insert the glue board and remove the release paper. Place the trap on the floor in an area where fleas are common – typically where your pet spends a lot of time. Put in a fresh glue board every two to four weeks. This trap includes two glue board inserts, with additional refills sold separately.

Canopy Protects Glue Board

In addition to the trap’s effective flea-catching abilities, it also features convenient design elements. The attached canopy helps to partially obscure the glue board from view, so you don’t have to look at the insects. It also acts as a protective cover for the glue board to keep objects, people, and pets from accidentally coming in contact with the sticky surface.


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