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Van Ness 20 ct. Pan Liners Large

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Van Ness

Van Ness 20 ct. Pan Liners Large

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Make the task of cleaning your cat's litter pan a hassle-free experience with Van Ness Pan Liners. Specifically designed to fit large pans, each pack contains 20 premium quality liners, making it perfect for multi-cat households or extended use.

Van Ness Pan Liners are not just large but also tough and durable. They are engineered to withstand the weight of litter, waste, and your cat's pawing. These liners resist ripping and tearing, ensuring waste stays contained and your litter pan remains clean.

Ease of use is key with Van Ness Pan Liners. Simply fit the liner into your cat's litter pan and fold the top edge over the rim of the pan for secure placement. Once the liner is full, or it's time to change the litter, carefully gather and tie the liner to enclose the waste, then dispose of it. No mess, no fuss!

Moreover, these convenient liners can significantly extend the life of your litter pan by protecting it from the corrosive nature of cat urine. They also eliminate the need for scrubbing and disinfecting the pan.

In households with multiple cats or those favoring high-capacity litter pans, Van Ness Pan Liners are a must-have. They keep litter pans clean and fresh-smelling, making your home more pleasant for you and your feline companions.

Choose Van Ness Pan Liners for a worry-free, mess-free, and odor-free cat litter maintenance experience. Order your 20-count pack today and make litter changing time quicker, easier, and cleaner.

  1. Easy Cleanup: Litter pan liners simplify the cleanup process. Instead of scooping out the soiled litter and scrubbing the pan, liners allow you to gather up and dispose of the waste quickly and effortlessly.
  1. Odor Control: Pan liners create a barrier between the litter and the pan, reducing the amount of urine that seeps into the pan, making it smell less. This can be especially beneficial if you have multiple cats or if your cat's waste is particularly odorous. 
  1. Pan Protection: Regular contact with cat waste and chemical litter can cause litter pans to corrode or degrade over time. Liners can prolong the life of your litter pan by preventing direct contact with waste. 
  1. Hygienic: Using pan liners is more sanitary because it minimizes the chance of you coming into direct contact with cat waste. This reduces the spread of germs and enhances hygiene for both you and your pet. 
  1. Saves Time: Change and cleaning are faster with litter pan liners compared to bare pans. This extra time can be used to enjoy with your pet or do other tasks.
  1. Allergen Reduction: If you or your family members are allergic to dust from litter, liners can help minimize the spread of these particles during the changing process, making your environment a bit more allergen-free! 
  1. Multiple Cats: If you have more than one cat, liners make it easier to keep the pans clean and the house smelling fresh. The workload of maintaining cleanliness is reduced.

Keep in mind; it's important to choose high-quality, durable liners (like Van Ness Pan Liners) that won't tear when you're removing them.

_ Large drawstring liner
_ Made from 65% recycled plastic
_ 3-ply, no tear technology
_ Fits pans measuring up to 19 _x15 _


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