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Van Ness 15 ct. Pan Liners Extra-Giant

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Van Ness 15 ct. Pan Liners Extra-Giant

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Take some unnecessary effort out of your daily pet care routine with Van Ness 15 ct. Pan Liners. These extra-giant liners make cleaning your cat's litter box a much simpler task, reducing mess and saving you time. No more scrubbing or scraping stuck-on waste on the bottom of the pan.

These liners are designed to fit extra-giant pans, a great solution for households with multiple cats or bigger breeds. They conveniently secure in place and are easy to install and remove, resulting in fewer spills and less mess around your home.

Made of durable and leak-proof materials, these Van Ness pan liners ensure that your cat's waste and urine don't seep through to the actual pan. This not only keeps the pan clean for much longer, but also helps control unpleasant odors.

Switching to Van Ness 15 ct. Pan Liners Extra-Giant will allow you to maintain a cleaner, fresher-smelling home and spend less time on litter box maintenance. Enjoy the satisfaction and ease that comes with knowing that the tedious task of cleaning the litter box has just become a breeze.

Invest in your home's cleanliness and your pet's hygiene with these simple yet highly effective pan liners. Their quality, convenience, and functionality are sure to impress you and play a key role in managing your pet care duties. It's a small detail that makes a significant difference, elevating the overall pet-keeping experience.

_ Extra-giant drawstring liner
_ Made from 65% recycled plastic
_ 3-ply, no tear technology
_ Fits pans measuring up to 22 _x18 _


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