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Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food
Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food
Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food

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Stella & Chewy's Raw Natural Pet Food

Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food

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Introducing Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food - the perfect balance of nutrition and taste to keep your furry friend happy and healthy!

At Stella & Chewy's, we believe that pets deserve only the best when it comes to their meals. That's why our FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food is prepared with love and care, using only the highest quality ingredients. 

Made with real, farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient, this delicious recipe is gently cooked to preserve all the natural flavors and nutrients. We never use any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors - just wholesome ingredients that your dog will love.

Not only does Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n provide a mouthwatering taste, but it also offers a well-balanced, complete meal for your pup. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, this dog food supports overall health and vitality, so your furry friend can live their best life.

We understand that every dog is unique, so our Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food is available in different sizes to cater to various breeds and age groups. Whether you have a small pup or a senior dog, we have the perfect portion for them.

What sets Stella & Chewy's apart is our commitment to using only responsibly sourced ingredients. We partner with trusted farms and suppliers to ensure that our chicken is free from antibiotics and hormones. You can feel confident knowing that your dog's food is not only delicious but also made with their well-being in mind.

Transitioning your dog to Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food is easy. Simply mix it with your pup's current food, gradually increasing the amount over a week. Soon enough, your dog will be wagging their tail in excitement at mealtime!

Don't settle for mediocre dog food. Elevate your dog's dining experience with Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food. Order yours today and give your furry friend the nutrition they deserve. Because when it comes to their well-being, nothing but the best will do.

There are numerous benefits to feeding your dog Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food:

  1. High-Quality Ingredients: Our dog food is made with real, farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient. We prioritize sourcing ingredients that are free from antibiotics and hormones, ensuring that your dog gets the best nutrition possible.

  1. Gently Cooked for Natural Flavor: Our gentle cooking process helps retain the natural flavors and nutrients of the ingredients, providing a delicious and tasty meal for your dog.

  1. Complete and Balanced Nutrition: Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n is formulated to provide a well-balanced meal, rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It supports overall health, digestion, and a strong immune system.

  1. No Artificial Preservatives, Colors, or Flavors: We believe in keeping things natural. Our dog food contains no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. You can rest assured knowing that what you're feeding your dog is wholesome and free from unnecessary additives.

  1. Responsibly Sourced Ingredients: We take pride in our commitment to responsible sourcing. All our ingredients are carefully selected from trusted farms and suppliers, ensuring the highest quality and ethical standards.

  1. Suitable for Dogs of All Ages and Breeds: Our Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food is available in various sizes, catering to different dog breeds and age groups. Whether you have a puppy, adult dog, or senior companion, we have the right portion size for them.

  1. Easy Transition: Switching your dog's food can sometimes be challenging, but with Stella & Chewy's, it's a seamless process. Our dog food can be easily mixed with your dog's current diet, gradually transitioning them.

  1. Happy and Healthy Pets: With Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n, you can feel confident that you're providing your dog with a high-quality, nutritious meal. A healthy diet can contribute to improved digestion, a shiny coat, increased energy levels, and overall well-being.

Make the switch to Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food and experience the wonderful benefits it offers. Give your furry friend a meal they'll love and nourish them with the best ingredients available.

Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food is made with a carefully selected combination of high-quality ingredients. Here are the key ingredients found in this delicious recipe:

  1. Chicken: The primary ingredient in this dog food is real farm-raised chicken, packed with lean protein and essential amino acids.

  1. Chicken Bone Broth: To enhance the flavor and provide additional nutrients, chicken bone broth is used as a natural and delicious base.

  1. Sweet Potatoes: These nutrient-rich root vegetables are a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, offering a healthy carbohydrate source.

  1. Carrots: Carrots are added for their natural sweetness and rich vitamin and antioxidant content, supporting your dog's overall health.

  1. Spinach: This leafy green is packed with vitamins A, C, and K, as well as iron and calcium, making it a nutritious addition to your dog's meal.

  1. Blueberries: Known for their antioxidant properties, blueberries are included to support a strong immune system.

  1. Cranberries: Cranberries offer a natural and tangy flavor, while also providing urinary tract health benefits.

  1. Pumpkin: Pumpkin is a great source of fiber, supporting healthy digestion and gastrointestinal function.

  1. Tocopherols (Preservative): Natural tocopherols are used as a mild preservative to maintain the freshness and quality of the dog food.

These are just some of the high-quality ingredients found in Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food. Every ingredient is selected for its nutritional benefits and delicious taste to provide your dog with a balanced and wholesome meal. Feed your furry friend the absolute best with Stella & Chewy's.

Feeding guidelines for Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n Gently Cooked Dog Food may vary depending on your dog's age, size, activity level, and overall health. It's essential to consider these factors when determining the appropriate portion size for your furry friend.

To get started, look at the feeding recommendations on the packaging of the specific product you have. These guidelines typically provide a suggested daily amount based on your dog's weight. It is generally recommended to divide the daily portion into two meals, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines, and individual dogs may require more or less food depending on their specific needs. Monitor your dog's weight, body condition, and energy levels to adjust the portion size as necessary. If you're unsure about the appropriate amount for your pup, consult with your veterinarian for personalized feeding recommendations.

Remember to provide fresh water at all times and to introduce any changes in diet gradually to avoid digestive upset. Feeding your dog Stella & Chewy's FreshMade Chick-A-Lick'n will provide them with a nutritious and delicious meal they'll love.

  • 100% Human grade whole foods
  • Made with only the good stuff – 60% nutrient-rich meats & organ meats paired with healthy fruits, veggies, superfoods, botanicals & tasty bone broth
  • Irresistible taste of fresh, real food
  • Juicy beef bone broth adds taste and tender texture
  • Meaty mix of red meats with grass-feed beef as the #1 ingredient
  • Poultry-free, grain-free & legume-free recipe
  • Protein-rich, low carb meal ideal for active dogs
  • Taurine added to support overall heart health
  • Packed in BPA-free pouches, gently sous-vide cooked, then flash frozen to preserve taste & nutrition
  • Just thaw & serve as a complete meal or tasty topper
  • Board-certified vet nutritionist reviewed

Store in freezer. When ready to feed, thaw in refrigerator in original packaging. May take 24-36 hours to thaw completely. Once thawed, cut package along 3 sides to open (using caution as our food is nice & juicy!); place food and broth into a resealable container, use a fork to break up food into consistent texture and ensure broth is well mixed. Portion daily as needed. Keep remaining food refrigerated & stored in a sealed container. Food should be used within 5 days of thawing.

Serve as a complete & balanced meal for adult dogs or topper for all dogs using guidelines below. Optimal feeding amounts may vary with age, size, neuter status, breed & activity level. Fresh water should be available at all times.



Sudden changes in diet, including overfeeding, can sometimes result in digestive issues. Always introduce any new food by slowly mixing with your current diet for the first 7-10 days, increasing the amount of Stella & Chewy’s while decreasing the amount of the other brand.


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