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Southern States Llama/Alpaca Pellet

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Southern States Llama/Alpaca Pellet

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Welcome to Southern States Llama/Alpaca Pellet Product Page!

At Southern States, we understand that keeping your llamas and alpacas healthy and thriving is a top priority. That's why we have developed our specially formulated Llama/Alpaca Pellets, crafted with the highest quality ingredients and backed by years of expertise in animal nutrition.

Our Llama/Alpaca Pellets are designed to provide the essential nutrients and balanced diet that these unique animals require. Made from a carefully selected blend of grains, vitamins, and minerals, our pellets offer a complete and well-rounded diet to support optimal growth and overall well-being.

Why choose Southern States Llama/Alpaca Pellets?

  1. Superior Nutrition: Our pellets are formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of llamas and alpacas. With a focus on quality ingredients, we ensure that your animals receive the essential proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals needed for healthy development.

  1. Digestive Health: We understand the importance of supporting a healthy digestive system in llamas and alpacas. Our pellets contain natural fibers and probiotics, promoting efficient digestion and minimizing the risk of digestive disorders.

  1. Enhanced Immunity: With added vitamins and antioxidants, our Llama/Alpaca Pellets help to boost the immune system, strengthening your animals' resistance against common diseases and environmental stressors.

  1. Convenient and Easy to Feed: Our pellets are designed for hassle-free feeding. Simply offer them as a standalone diet or combine them with pasture or hay for a well-rounded nutritional plan. The uniform pellet size makes feeding effortless, eliminating any sorting or wastage.

  1. Trusted Quality: Southern States has been a trusted name in the agricultural industry for over 90 years. Our products undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure that you receive the best for your llamas and alpacas.

Whether you are a first-time llama or alpaca owner or a seasoned breeder, Southern States Llama/Alpaca Pellets are an ideal choice to support the health and welfare of your animals. Invest in their well-being and experience the difference in their vitality and overall performance.

Place an order for Southern States Llama/Alpaca Pellets today and give your gentle giants the nutrition they truly deserve. Trust in us to provide you with exceptional products that contribute to their long and healthy lives.

The Southern States Llama/Alpaca Pellets are carefully crafted with a thoughtfully selected blend of high-quality ingredients to provide your llamas and alpacas with the essential nutrition they need. The specific ingredients in our pellets may include:

  1. Grains: We use a blend of nutritious grains as a base for the pellets, which may include corn, wheat, oats, barley, or other grains. These grains provide energy and carbohydrates necessary for proper growth and maintenance.

  1. Plant Proteins: To meet the protein requirements of llamas and alpacas, our pellets may contain plant-based protein sources like soybean meal, alfalfa meal, or other legume meals. These proteins aid in muscle development, tissue repair, and overall health.

  1. Essential Vitamins and Minerals: We fortify our pellets with a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals to ensure your llamas and alpacas receive the necessary micronutrients. These may include vitamins A, D, E, B-complex, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, selenium, and more.

  1. Natural Fibers: Llamas and alpacas require sufficient dietary fiber for healthy digestion. Our pellets may contain natural fiber sources like cellulose, beet pulp, or soybean hulls, aiding in proper gut function and preventing digestive issues.

  1. Probiotics: We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. Therefore, our pellets may include beneficial probiotics that support digestion and promote overall gastrointestinal health.

Please note that the exact ingredients and their proportions may vary slightly depending on the specific formulation of the Southern States Llama/Alpaca Pellets you choose. Rest assured, our products are formulated with the utmost care and consideration for the unique nutritional needs of llamas and alpacas.

The guaranteed analysis of Southern States Llama/Alpaca Pellet may vary slightly depending on the specific formulation of the product. However, here is a general outline of the typical guaranteed analysis:

- Crude Protein: The pellets may contain a minimum of 16% crude protein. This protein content is essential for muscle development, tissue repair, and overall growth.

- Crude Fat: The pellets may have a minimum crude fat content of 3.5%. Fat serves as a concentrated source of energy for llamas and alpacas.

- Crude Fiber: The pellets may contain a maximum of 10% crude fiber. Adequate fiber content is important for promoting healthy digestion and preventing digestive issues.

- Calcium: The pellets may contain a minimum of 0.7% calcium, supporting healthy bone development and overall structural integrity.

- Phosphorus: The pellets may have a minimum phosphorus content of 0.4%. Phosphorus works in conjunction with calcium for proper skeletal formation and maintenance.

- Vitamin A: The pellets may provide a minimum of 8,000 IU/lb of vitamin A, supporting vision, immune function, and reproductive health.

- Vitamin D: The pellets may contain a minimum of 800 IU/lb of vitamin D, assisting in calcium absorption and maintaining proper bone health.

- Vitamin E: The pellets may have a minimum of 50 IU/lb of vitamin E, acting as an antioxidant and supporting overall immune function.

Please note that these values are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the specific product formulation. It is always advisable to check the product packaging or contact Southern States for the exact guaranteed analysis of the Llama/Alpaca Pellet product you are interested in.


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