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Skinz Cod Wrapped 100% Collagen Roll Dog Chew
Skinz Cod Wrapped 100% Collagen Roll Dog Chew
Skinz Cod Wrapped 100% Collagen Roll Dog Chew
Skinz Cod Wrapped 100% Collagen Roll Dog Chew

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Skinz Cod Wrapped 100% Collagen Roll Dog Chew

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Skinz Cod Wrapped 100% Collagen Roll Dog Chew

100% USA Made and Sourced

Skinz are easily digestible, long lasting chews for dogs. They're made from 100% USA Sourced natural ingredients.

Your pup will love Skinz Cod Wrapped 100% Collagen Roll Dog Chew made with ingredients you can feel good about.

Collagen is a naturally produced protein found in your dog's body. Collagen aids in quite a few bodily functions and improves the dogs overall health. It promotes healthy skin and coat, improves joint health, aids in digestion, and supports healthy teeth and gums.

The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Skinz Cod Wrapped 100% Collagen Roll Dog Chew, a treat specially formulated for your pup. This delicious, mouth watering product contains 100% USA Sourced ingredients. Not to mention, it’s made completely in the USA!

Benefits of Collagen

  • Healthy Skin & Coat - Dermis, a large layer of your dog’s skin that makes up the coat, is made of mainly collagen. Supplemented collagen can help boost the appearance of your furry friend’s coat, adding shine and even strengthening their nails. It can also help to increase elasticity and reduce that bothersome itchy, dry feeling of your pet’s skin.
  • Bone & Joint Health - Because collagen is found in your pup’s cartilage, joints, connective tissues, and bones, it’s essential to the overall structure of the body. The right amount of collagen not only maintains your pet’s bone and joint health, but helps prevent and treat common problems like arthritis and lack of mobility.
  • Improved Appetite & Digestion - Collagen is a yummy, fun addition to your pet’s usual meal or even when used as a treat. It’s found in meat, which may add incentive for picky eaters to chow down more! In addition, it contains certain amino acids that aid with digestion. Collagen has also been found to help with conditions like leaky gut by helping to repair the lining of the digestive tract.


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