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Perky Pet Upside Down Thistle Bird Feeder

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Perky Pet

Perky Pet Upside Down Thistle Bird Feeder

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Attract a wonderfully diverse crowd of finches to your garden with the Perky Pet Upside Down Thistle Bird Feeder!

Specifically designed to cater to the feeding habits of charming finches, the Upside Down Thistle Feeder encourages finches to feed in their most natural positions: upside down! Non-finches will find it more difficult to feed here, assuring that your finches will have plenty of space to feed without disruptions.

With a generous 2 lb. seed capacity, your charming finches will never run out of their favorite thistle seeds. The feeder's six feeding stations, each equipped with a comfortable perch, promise to provide plenty of room, letting multiple finches dine simultaneously.

The uniquely designed feeder is not only effective but also visually appealing. The clear seed container allows you to monitor seed levels easily and refill as necessary. Plus, the striking yellow color is known to attract finches.

Durable and weather-resistant, the Perky Pet Upside Down Thistle Bird Feeder is easy to fill and clean, thanks to its removable top. Hang this feeder in your yard and watch as lively finches flutter upside down to feast on their favorite thistle.

Embrace your love for quirky bird-watching and invite the delightful spectacle of finches feeding upside down to your garden with the Perky Pet Upside Down Thistle Bird Feeder. Remember, a garden filled with finches is a garden filled with joy!

Using the Perky Pet Upside Down Thistle Bird Feeder can bring several benefits:

  1. Attract a Specific Bird Species: The feeder is uniquely designed to cater to finches, attracting these beautiful birds to your garden. 

  1. Reduce Competition: As only finches are adept at feeding upside down, other bird species will find it difficult to eat from this feeder, thus ensuring that the finches have uninterrupted feeding.

  1. High Capacity: With a 2 lb seed capacity, the feeder ensures there's always enough food for the visiting finches.

  1. Monitoring Seed Levels: The clear seed container makes it easy for you to see when it's time to refill the feeder. 

  1. Easy Maintenance: The removable top ensures that the feeder is easy to clean and refill, helping maintain a healthy feeding environment for birds.

  1. Enhancing Garden Beauty: The visual appeal of the feeder, coupled with the sight of finches feeding upside down, adds a unique touch to your garden.


 So, enjoy your bird watching more with our Perky Pet Upside Down Thistle Bird Feeder, functional, and visually charming addition to your outdoor space.

Weather-resistant, 18-inch feeder tube holds up to 2 pounds of thistle seed or finch mixtures. 6 upside-down feeding ports and perches. Heavy-duty wire hanging bail with yellow dome cap which keeps seed drier.

Specific varieties of birds are known to feed on thistle, also known as Nyjer, due to its high nutritional value. These bird varieties typically include:

  1. Finch Varieties: Both American Goldfinches and Lesser Goldfinches, as well as House Finches, are particularly fond of thistle.
  2. Pine Siskins: These birds also find thistle to be a tasty treat.
  3. Redpolls: Both Common and Hoary Redpolls are known to flock to feeders that offer thistle. 
  4. Indigo Buntings: These beautifully colored birds also enjoy this seed.
  5. Dark-eyed Juncos: These birds, although often ground feeders, can also be lured with thistle. 
  6. Song Sparrows: Mostly during the winter, when other food sources are scarce, you might spot these birds at thistle feeders as well.

Fill your Perky Pet Upside Down Thistle Bird Feeder with thistle and watch these delightful bird species flock to your garden!


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