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Mazuri Mini Pig Elder

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Mazuri Mini Pig Elder Pig Food

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Experience the power of wholesome nutrition with Mazuri Mini Pig Elder Pig Food. Specifically formulated to meet the unique dietary needs of aging mini pigs, this premium pig food is designed to support their overall health and well-being. 

Our Mazuri Mini Pig Elder Pig Food is expertly crafted with a blend of high-quality ingredients, ensuring that your furry friend gets all the essential nutrients required during their golden years. With a focus on science-based nutrition, this formula includes a balance of protein, vitamins, and minerals necessary for maintaining optimal body condition.

As mini pigs age, their metabolism slows down, and their nutritional requirements change. That's why we have carefully tailored this pig food to suit the specific needs of elder mini pigs. Our formula contains optimal fiber levels that aid in digestion, ensuring your piggy stays happy and comfortable. Additionally, Mazuri Mini Pig Elder Pig Food is enriched with antioxidants, promoting a healthy immune system and supporting longevity.

We understand that mini pigs deserve the very best, which is why our formula is free from artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. You can trust Mazuri to provide your pet with a product that is crafted with integrity and care. We believe in the power of nutrition to enhance the lives of our furry friends, and we back it up with our ingredients in Mazuri Mini Pig Elder Pig Food.

Mazuri Mini Pig Elder Pig Food is carefully formulated with a blend of high-quality ingredients to meet the unique nutritional needs of aging mini pigs. Here is a breakdown of the key ingredients in our product:

  1. Corn: A highly digestible source of carbohydrates that provides energy for the mini pig's daily activities.
  2. Soybean Meal: A high-quality protein source that helps in maintaining and repairing body tissues.
  3. Wheat Middlings: An excellent source of fiber that aids in proper digestion and supports gut health.
  4. Dehulled Soybean Meal: Another protein-rich ingredient that contributes to muscle maintenance and growth.
  5. Dried Beet Pulp: A natural source of fiber that supports healthy digestion and helps regulate bowel movements.
  6. Calcium Carbonate: Essential for strong bones and teeth, calcium carbonate is added in precise amounts to meet the pig's mineral requirements.
  7. Salt: Provides necessary sodium and chloride to help maintain proper fluid balance and nerve function.
  8. Vitamin and Mineral Mix: A carefully selected blend of essential vitamins and minerals to support overall health, immune function, and proper metabolic processes.

These are just a few of the wholesome ingredients found in Mazuri Mini Pig Elder Pig Food. Our aim is to provide a complete and balanced diet that supports optimal nutrition for your aging mini pig, ensuring they enjoy a happy and healthy life.

The guaranteed analysis for Mazuri Mini Pig Elder Pig Food provides a snapshot of the nutrient content in our product. Here are the minimum and maximum values you can expect:

- Crude Protein: Min 14.0%

- Crude Fat: Min 2.0%

- Crude Fiber: Max 12.0%

- Calcium: Min 0.6% - Max 1.1%

- Phosphorus: Min 0.5%

- Salt: Min 0.5% - Max 1.0%

- Selenium: Min 0.3 ppm

- Vitamin E: Min 50 IU/kg

Please note that these values may vary slightly depending on the batch, as we constantly strive to maintain the highest quality and consistency in our product. Rest assured, our Mazuri Mini Pig Elder Pig Food is formulated to provide the necessary nutrients to support the specific nutritional needs of aging mini pigs.

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