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Grandma Mae's Country Naturals RawTernative Lamb & Venisons Recipe Air Dried Dog Food

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Grandma Mae's

Grandma Mae's Country Naturals RawTernative Lamb & Venisons Recipe Air Dried Dog Food

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Your dog will love the wholesome, natural taste of Grandma Mae's Country Naturals RawTernative Lamb & Venison Recipe Air Dried Dog Food. This recipe is a blend of premium lamb, lamb organs, and other nutritious ingredients, all carefully air-dried to lock in the natural flavors and nutrients. 

Key Benefits 

  1. High-Quality Protein Source: Lamb is the first ingredient, providing a high-quality source of protein for your dog's energy needs. 
  1. Nutrient-Rich: Lamb organs such as liver, heart, and kidney are added to the mixture. These organ meats are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are vital for your dog's health.
  1. Grain-Free: This recipe is grain-free, making it great for dogs with grain sensitivities or allergies.
  1. No Artificial Preservatives: The air-drying process naturally preserves the food, eliminating the need for artificial preservatives.
  1. Healthy Fruits & Veggies: This recipe is fortified with superfoods like kelp, parsley, and rosemary for added nutrition benefits.

This air-dried diet is a great option for dogs who crave a raw diet but have owners who prefer a more convenient feeding option. Serve it as a balanced meal, use it as a topper to enhance your pet's regular kibble, or offer it as a healthy treat.

Beyond its taste and nutrition benefits, the RawTernative Lamb & Venison Recipe helps support your dog's overall well-being. It promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat, supports the immune system, and maintains a healthy digestive system.

In addition to its healthful ingredients, the Grandma Mae's Country Naturals RawTernative Lamb & Venison Recipe is carefully crafted with your pet's safety in mind. The air-dried process eliminates pathogenic bacteria while maintaining the integrity of the ingredients, making it a safe and wholesome choice for your four-legged companion.

Instructions: Serve it straight from the bag or, for a moist meal, rehydrate it with water or broth. Remember to reduce the amount of dry food you give to your dog when using this product as a meal topper or treat, to prevent overfeeding.

Note: As with any change to your dog's diet, introduce this food gradually over a 5-7 day period to avoid upset stomachs.

So why wait? Give your dog the best with Grandma Mae's Country Naturals RawTernative Lamb & Lamb Organs Recipe Air Dried Dog Food!

  1. Balanced Diet: This dog food provides a balanced and complete diet for dogs of all breeds and life stages.
  1. Easy to Digest: The air-drying process used in this recipe helps keep the food easy for dogs to digest, ensuring they get all the nutritional benefits.
  1. Enhances Digestive Health: It contains green tripe, a superfood for dogs, which is rich with natural probiotics and enzymes to aid with digestion and overall gut health.
  1. Supports Healthy Skin and Coat: The omega fatty acids in the recipe help to promote a healthy skin and coat, so your dog will look as good as they feel.
  1. No Fillers or Artificial Additives: This dog food contains no corn, wheat, soy, or artificial colors or flavors. It is a natural, straightforward recipe that focuses on real, high-quality ingredients. 
  1. Hydration: Moisture in the dog food encourages hydration to maximize health benefits.
  1. Convenient: Granma Mae's Country Naturals provides the benefits of a raw diet in an easy-to-serve, shelf-stable format. Perfect for busy pet parents. 



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