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Audubon Mission Metal Lantern Seed Feeder

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Audubon Mission Metal Lantern Seed Feeder

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Introducing the Audubon Mission Metal Lantern Seed Feeder - the perfect way to attract and feed a variety of wild birds in your backyard!

Crafted with a classic lantern design, this bird feeder adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Its durable metal construction ensures long-lasting use, even in harsh weather conditions.

Our feeder features multiple feeding ports, allowing several birds to feed simultaneously. The specially designed perches provide a comfortable resting spot for birds of all sizes, making it easy for them to enjoy their favorite seeds.

With a generous seed capacity, this feeder can hold a significant amount of bird food, reducing the need for frequent refills. The clear plastic windows on all four sides allow you to monitor seed levels at a glance, so you can refill it when necessary.

The Audubon Mission Metal Lantern Seed Feeder is designed to attract a wide variety of bird species. Whether you want to feed colorful finches, cardinals, or sparrows, this feeder is sure to entice them into your yard and provide hours of entertainment for birdwatchers of all ages.

Additionally, our feeder is easy to clean and maintain. The removable top makes it a breeze to refill and clean the feeder, ensuring a hygienic feeding environment for your beloved feathered friends.

Not only is this feeder functional and beautiful, but it also supports Audubon's mission to protect birds and their habitats. A portion of each purchase goes directly towards supporting their conservation efforts, so you can feel good about your contribution to the preservation of our avian friends.

Bring the beauty of nature to your backyard with the Audubon Mission Metal Lantern Seed Feeder. It's the perfect combination of style, functionality, and conservation all in one. Order yours today and start attracting a multitude of vibrant birds to your outdoor space!

The Audubon Mission Metal Lantern Seed Feeder offers several benefits for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike:

  1. Attracts a variety of birds: The feeder's design and multiple feeding ports attract a wide range of bird species, allowing you to observe and enjoy the beauty of different birds in your backyard.

  1. Durable construction: Made from sturdy and weather-resistant metal, this feeder is built to withstand the elements and last for years, ensuring you can enjoy birdwatching without worrying about the feeder deteriorating.

  1. Generous seed capacity: With its large seed capacity, the feeder reduces the frequency of refills, saving you time and effort. It allows you to provide sufficient food for a longer period, attracting more birds to your yard.

  1. Easy to monitor and refill: The clear plastic windows on all sides of the feeder make it easy to check the seed level at a glance. When it's time to refill, simply remove the top for quick and convenient replenishment.

  1. Comfortable perches for birds: The feeder's specially designed perches offer a comfortable feeding and resting spot for birds, accommodating birds of different sizes and making it easier for them to access and enjoy their favorite seeds.

  1. Supports bird conservation: By purchasing the Audubon Mission Metal Lantern Seed Feeder, you are supporting Audubon's mission to protect birds and their habitats. A portion of each purchase goes directly towards supporting Audubon's conservation efforts, making your backyard bird feeding a meaningful contribution to bird conservation.

Overall, the Audubon Mission Metal Lantern Seed Feeder combines style, functionality, and conservation, allowing you to bring the beauty of nature to your backyard while supporting the wellbeing of our avian friends.

The classic, rectangular shape and recognizable, top gridwork bring a striking look to this unit, completed by its black color

A pyramidal, metal roof with cupola creates height, and fantastically protects seed from the elements

A square base matches the top, and creates dining spots for a few birds

Drainage holes on this section help feed remain dry and fresh, and a gap at the bottom of each panel enables birds to reach the food

A raised section of the base diverts seed to each port, preventing build up, and the clear panels make monitoring avian activity simple

The generous, metal wire allows the unit to hang from a bracket, and the lid slides up this hanger for easy refilling


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