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The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of ZuPreem because since 1967, ZuPreem has been dedicated to producing innovative, high-quality products for the health and longevity of animals worldwide.

Based in the USA, ZuPreem manufactures food for zoo animals and specialty pets. They have the same commitment today that they had more than 50 years ago. The same commitment to the welfare of all animals in our worldwide community, the same commitment to state-of-the-art nutrition research and the same commitment to the highest quality standards of manufacturing and quality control. It's a commitment that has turned into a promise for pet owners and zoological professionals around the world.

At ZuPreem, providing bird owners the best possible information on bird nutrition and health is always at the top of their mind. That’s why they partner with experts in the field of veterinary health to bring them the latest on nutrition and feeding. Their veterinary partners help them create healthy nutrition programs, develop new product offerings and keep bird owners informed on overall animal wellness.

The Hungry Puppy carries ZuPreem because their history started with an idea that changed the way they look at the role of nutrition in the lives of all animals. Passed down through three generations this idea continues as the mission of the ZuPreem brand today and its guiding force for years to come.