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World's Best Cat Litter

The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of World’s Best Cat Litter because they get that being crazy for your cat is normal! World’s Best Cat Litter works hard inside and outside the box to improve the lives of cats and their owners. Because the best never settle.

World’s Best Cat Litter offers a range of eight different litters formulated to solve your litter box problems. Their formulas are made with whole-kernel corn and only the best and safest ingredients—for long lasting performance. See why their natural cat litter is a favorite among serious cat owners: They have outstanding odor control. Smells stay trapped deep inside the litter. So living with your cat doesn’t have to stink. They provide for easy clumping and easy scooping. Naturally-absorbent corn traps waste before it sticks to the box. So you don’t have to chisel and scrape. They’re 99% dust free. Corn is free of silica dust—naturally. So you and your cat can breathe easy. World’s Best Cat Litter is pet, people, and planet friendly. It’s made from sustainable corn with no added chemicals. So you can feel good about your choice. It’s lightweight. Long-lasting corn delivers the performance you need without the weight. So you can give your back a break. Lastly, it’s flushable! Tested and proven flushable and safe for septic and sewer systems! So you can skip the trip to the trash.

Stop settling for ordinary and go for World’s Best Cat Litter.