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Wild Bird

Whether you’ve been looking for ways to attract wild birds to your yard or are looking for ways to keep them coming back, The Hungry Puppy has you covered! Carrying premium brands such as Brown’s, Feathered Friend, Wild Delight, C&S, and more, our store carries an assortment of food options and supplies to meet your wild bird needs!

Wild Birds eat insects, spiders, caterpillars, and moths as a bulk of their diet throughout the day. These pesky bugs are actually ideal sources of protein for birds. However, seeds and other ingredients are important supplements to provide a more nutritionally complete diet. The Hungry Puppy’s brands offer food options for every species of birds - cardinals, woodpeckers, finches, pigeons, etc. All wild birds could benefit from a diet of mixed seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables. That’s why our store’s products consist of formulas that use a mix of these components to provide a palatable taste while simultaneously boosting your wildbird’s immune system, skin, feathers, energy, and overall health. For example, Feathered Friend has multiple lines of gourmet food, such as their Shell-less Select, Birdsnack, and Favorite. Shell-less Select has no shells for less waste and less mess, making it more convenient for you and your patio! Both the Birdsnack and Favorite line are all purpose mixtures that use ingredients like white millet, sunflower seed, cracked corn, wheat, peanut hearts, and more, attracting a wide assortment of birds! Our food options don’t just stop there - we have plenty more ready for you (and your bird’s) picking! Treat wild birds to a traditional favorite: suet! C&S melts the highest quality beef kidney fat and mixes it with seeds, nuts, and fruits to produce delicious Suet Treats. These treats provide wild birds with much needed energy, while also appealing to their picky palates with flavors like Berry Treat, Nutty Treat, Orange Treat, Seed Treat, and their #1 best seller: High Energy suet! These are just a few of the food products The Hungry Puppy offers wild birds! Our store also has the feeders you need to store them. Coming in stylish colors and designs like red with leaves, green with vines, and even a village outhouse, these easy to fill storage feeders will certainly add life and color into your back or front yard. Keep these feeders free from unwanted attackers and animal thieves by installing a Torpedo Squirrel Baffle. You can create an even more welcoming environment for the birds by purchasing a birdhouse, such as our beautiful, handcrafted Gordo Sunflower BirdHouse that uses non toxic paints and finishes. Birdhouses give birds a safe place to build a nest and take shelter during more adverse weather conditions. The Hungry Puppy has supplies for pet birds, as well, but who's to say your backyard friends wouldn’t enjoy them, too?

Whatever you need to boost your wild bird’s life, from food, feeders, and houses to toys and cleaning supplies, The Hungry Puppy has it all!