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Wholesome Pride

The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Wholesome Pride because they know that no dog needs a treat with a long list of ingredients. Wholesome Pride was started so dogs everywhere could enjoy tasty treats that are sustainably produced and as close to farm-fresh as possible. Their mission is to create a better, healthier, treat—using 100% real ingredients. And their promise is to always treat your dog just like they would their own. 

The result is a simpler, healthier way to give your dog a delicious treat, whether it’s because he’s been an especially good boy or for no reason other than just because you love your dog. They started Wholesome Pride because they knew that dog lovers would appreciate their approach to providing a better dog treat for all the right reasons.

Key benefits of Wholesome Pride products include the elimination of grains, fillers, wheat, preservatives or artificial ingredients and instead the use of 100% all natural ingredients loaded with natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so they’re great as an anytime treat or snack. They are 100% vegetarian, grain-free and highly digestible so they’re great for pups with sensitive stomachs. Plus, they provide the rugged texture dogs love to chew on, and plenty of dietary fiber to promote healthy digestion. Not to mention, they conveniently come in resealable packs to keep them fresh.

That’s real love for dogs. That’s Wholesome Pride.