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Wet Food

Though The Hungry Puppy supports both ends of the Dry vs. Wet Food debate, we make sure to provide pets with endless options of canned food options. Carrying brands like Fancy Feast, Wellness, Merrick, Nature’s Variety, Natural Balance, RAWZ, Triumph, and more, our store can help your dog or cat reap all the benefits of a wet food diet.

Wet food has several advantages that can make mealtime so much healthier and happier for your companion. Firstly, wet food has a very high moisture content. It happens all too often that humans don’t hydrate themselves enough - let alone their pets! Because wet food naturally has more water, your pet is adding to their total water intake for the day. In addition, the water and way in which wet food is packaged acts as a way of preserving the food content, meaning less or no artificial preservatives. Canned food also uses much more animal protein, such as chicken or turkey, in place of excess carbohydrates and unnecessary ingredients. This is providing your canine or feline with needed nutrients for energy, as well as stronger muscles and bones, instead of fillers that can cause weight gain and provide little to no nutritional value. It’s soft texture is good for felines or canines with weaker teeth or jaws, too. Lasly, wet food is known for it being easy to digest and palatable! It naturally appeals to your pet’s senses more with its strong aromas and yummy flavors, such as beef, turkey, venison, lamb, salmon, tuna, duck, liver, carrots, broccoli, pork, sweet potato, and more!

Wet food is easy and quick to serve, making it all the more convenient to ensure your pet receives the advantages from eating it! Simply pour the food out of the can into their bowl and serve! If your furry friend likes a warm meal, throw it in the microwave for a few seconds first. Then place the can back into the fridge if there’s any leftover so your pet can enjoy it the next time!


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