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Weight Management

Nothing seems to be cuter than a dog, cat, or animal with a few extra pounds on its frame. The urge to cuddle and hug it just skyrockets! But as cute and snuggly as they may be, being overweight poses a number of health concerns. Carrying brands like Wellness, Fromm, Purina, Blue Buffalo, Triumph, Holistic Select, Eukanuba, Earthborn, Hill’s, and more, The Hungry Puppy offers a variety of weight management food options for your pet to help address the problem.

Obesity is a life threatening problem for not only humans, but their pets, too. Obesity and excess weight can go hand in hand with long-term issues such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, liver disease, and an overall weaker immune system. While there are ways in which you can assess your pet’s weight, like taking note of their body composition and ability to feel certain parts of their body, it’s always best to check with your veterinarian what steps should be taken to address the issue. Aside from increased physical activity, chances are your veterinarian may prescribe them a diet specifically tailored to weight management. Luckily, The Hungry Puppy carries veterinarian diets and delivers them free with no minimum order in our local delivery zone! Whether purchasing a veterinary diet or a more available, commercially sold option, these products use only the highest quality ingredients, typically reducing or eliminating the amount of fat. They instead focus on higher amounts of protein sources that support lean muscle mass and easily digested carbohydrates, fruits, or vegetables that naturally boost the immune system and act as antioxidants. These formulas often use limited ingredients and are designed to sustain safe and effective weight loss for an extended period of time. Plus, your pet can still enjoy appetizing, alluring flavors like chicken, lamb, salmon, sweet potato, brown rice, and more!

The Hungry Puppy’s weight management food options are sure to keep your pet looking forward to mealtime without all the unnecessary, extra calories!


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