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Vital Essentials

The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Vital Essentials because they’re a pioneer in the raw pet food industry. Their family-owned company, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, produces high-quality raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food, snacks, and treats. First, Vital Essentials ingredients are USDA-inspected proteins. Second, the ingredients they DON’T include are as important as what they do. Third, they understand the dietary needs of dogs and cats. From metabolism to biochemistry, each species requires food, snacks, and treats that maximize nutritional value.

Their ALPHA Prey-Model Diet follows nature’s example with no added fruits or vegetables – just meat, vital organs, and bones. To a carnivore, these are the most nutritious and delicious parts of a whole animal. They instinctively thrive on these essential nutrients which promote vitality and support overall health and wellness for all breeds and ages.

Vital Essentials believes that every dog and cat in the world; regardless of financial means, urban or rural, deserves the opportunity to have access to the finest food available. They also believe that, other than natural prey, they provide the most healthy, delicious, innovative, and biologically appropriate commercially available pet food in the world. Therefore, they will leverage their God-given talents, passion, and resources to do whatever is necessary to ensure that every dog parent or cat parent who wants Vital Essentials or needs Vital Essentials will have a convenient and effective mechanism to access and procure their “World Class” pet food and treats, in the United States and around the world.