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The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Victor Pet Food - pet nutrition that delivers for everyone. In the heartland, they look forward, not back. They raise strong families and stay true to their values. When they set out to create the best pet food possible, they built their own manufacturing facility from the ground up in Texas, so they could do things the right way.

They start with carefully selected ingredients, and they do not waver in their commitment to high-quality nutrition. They ensure that every formula is fresh, consistent and packed with nutrition. And the result is visible: healthy, better performing pets that can keep on running day after day, season after season. Since day one, Victor hasn't compromised or wavered from their vision to create the best pet food available. Because in the end, common-sense values drive everything they do. Every day. Everywhere. Every one.

To make the best dog food and cat food possible, they started with formulations based on nutrition, expertise and the highest production standards. They begin each bag of kibble with Victor Core Ingredients — a proven base of four essential ingredients selected to support your pet’s metabolism, promote healthy digestion and immune defense system. They also locally source as many of their high-quality ingredients as possible and conduct regular tests to ensure their ingredients meet their high standards.