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USA Treats

As pet parents, it’s our responsibility to know exactly what goes into our pet’s body. The best way to do that is by purchasing Made in the USA food. Carrying brands like Acana, Blue Buffalo, Merrick, Orijen, Sunshine Mills, Wellness, and more, The Hungry Puppy offers a wide variety of red, white, and blue treats.

What exactly does it mean for treats to be Made in the USA? According to the Federal Trade Commission, for pet treats to be qualified as Made in the USA, virtually all its parts must be from the United States. This includes ingredients, packaging, and production of the food. If a company uses any ingredients from a different country, it must be specified on the label. So what makes treats made in the USA so great? Food and supplies created in America are held to very high, strict guidelines in comparison to places overseas. The product’s content, nutritional value, safety, and manufacturing is closely regulated. This makes the product very high quality, meaning it’s much more hygienic and safe for consumption. Not to mention, it’s much better for the environment to purchase treats made right here in the US! A large amount of chemicals, packaging, gasoline, and other harmful gas emissions are needed when you purchase goods from outside of the country. Not to mention, you’d be supporting local businesses! And your pet will certainly appreciate the delicious, mouth watering flavors of The Hungry Puppy’s treats. Some include beef, bison, chicken, duck, fish, lamb, turkey, venison, and so much more! 

Reward your pet with USA treats.