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When you look back on your fondest memories, it’s not always about where you were and exactly what you were doing. A lot of the time it’s a pleasant remembrance of who you were surrounded by and how they made you feel. That goes for friends, family, and of course, our companion pets, too. That’s why The Hungry Puppy carries brands like HomeoPet, Comfort Zone, MidWest, Kurgo, PetMate, Virbac, Bags on Board, and others that create all the travel supplies you need to take your pet along on any journey!

Whether you’re travelling by car or plane, a good first step to ensuring your cat, dog, or other animal is prepared for the trip is by purchasing a good crate or kennel. Our store’s kennels comply with most airline requirements. Coming in a range of sizes, they are made from a sturdy, durable material that guarantees that your pet is safe. They have interior moats to keep pets dry, as well as tie-down strap holes for zip tie installation. Many have built-in compartment covers for you to store extra supplies or food and a seatbelt loop at the top so it can easily be secured in the car. With easy squeeze or slide latches and included wing nuts and bolts, The Hungry Puppy’s crates and kennels can be set up within seconds! If you want to give your pet a bit more room to safely move around in the car, we have you covered. Bar pet barriers set up a blockade or division between your pet and the area you want them to stay away from. It is typically installed to keep your pet limited to the backseats or trunk of the car to ensure they don’t distract or jump on you while driving. However, they still give your companion the freedom to move around in the designated area you allow them to. Zip lines with harnesses work similarly, as they let your pet slide back and forth from window to window while still remaining on the seats of the car. We also carry seat covers that keep your car protected from any accidental messes or stains, plus booster seats that let your little friend ride in elevated luxury.

Need help getting your pet into the car in the first place? Our lifting harnesses are strapped to either the rear, front, or full body of your pet, making it much more efficient to lift them into the car. It’s an extremely useful and helpful tool especially for mobility impaired or disabled pups. You could also opt to use a pet ramp. Pet ramps are great for dogs not able to jump in and out of the car on their own, but instead assists them to easily and securely walk in and out of them. If your furry friend is struggling to travel with you due to nerves and discomfort, we have treats, sprays, tablets, and droppers specifically designed to ease anxiety and stress and create a calming, comfortable environment.

Whatever travel supplies you need to make the ride both convenient and comfortable for you and your pet, The Hungry Puppy has it all. From strollers to poop bags to portable food pouches and bowls - you name it!


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