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Training Treats

Training your pet has never been so easy! Carrying premium brands like Coastal, Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Bil-Jac, Premier, Nala, PetMate, Merrick, Four Paws, MidWest, and more, The Hungry Puppy carries a wide stock of training supplies. From treats to sprays to crates to gates - you name it!

When you first welcome a pet into your home, the first thing a pet owner usually thinks to do is prepare the house. This typically means setting up gates and pens. Gates are used to section off different parts of the house, keeping your pet out of certain areas that you may not want them wandering into. Pens, on the other hand, are enclosed areas specifically designated for a particular activity, whether it be for exercise, playtime, or bedtime. Such purchases train your pet to know which parts of the house they are free to roam around in, as well as where they should go for certain parts of their day. Crates and kennels can be used for similar purposes! Asides for travelling, your companion can use it as a safe, comfortable place for sleep, too! This is a key part to crate training. By training your pup or pet to use the crate as a natural den or bed area, you are in effect teaching them to obey where you’d like them to use the bathroom. Plus, you can teach rowdier, louder barkers to return to it when there is company over, or prepare them to get used to it in the event of longer car rides or emergency situations. Another useful product are wee-wee pads. You can utilize these absorbent pads by training your pet to use it as a designated bathroom area. Combine it with the use of our “No-Go” housebreaking aid sprays, and you’re good to go! Or try out another spray! We have plenty to go around, whether it’s a “No-Dig,” “No-Stay,” or “No-Scratch” spray. Our other helpful training materials include chain collars, prong collars, and Martingale collars. These are necessary for proper leash training (so make sure you pick up one of our leashes too!), as they teach your companion to go at a steady, appropriate pace.

Start the process today and as early as you can! Make sure you first select one of our many training clickers or treats to train your dog as quickly and effectively, as possible. Not to mention, treats in alluring and nutritious flavors like chicken, lamb, salmon, turkey, venison, duck, cheese, bacon, banana, and more are sure to make the experience more rewarding and pleasant for your pet! Throughout the process, remember to be patient with both yourself and your furry friend. Proper training and development takes time. In the meantime, grab a few of our products to prepare for some expected, normal slip-ups along the way! Try our sprays and deodorizers in scents like lavender, vanilla, apple, etc, that are ideal for eliminating bathroom messes!

The Hungry Puppy wants to help you train your pet in the quickest, most enjoyable way possible! It’s a true bonding experience that we know our products can enrich and make more meaningful!


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