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Naptime, mealtime, walk time, cuddle time. These are all fun, but your pet’s favorite will always be playtime! Make it even better with The Hungry Puppy’s wide assortment of toys from brands like Coastal, Ethical Pet, Kong, MultiPet, Nylabone, Petstages, GoDog, Outward Hound, Premier, and more!

Playtime is important for so many reasons. Firstly, it keeps your dog or cat physically fit. Nothing will get them into shape more than running, lunging, jumping, and wrestling with a good toy, whether it be a ball, a plush, or a teaser wand. Toys will keep your pet mentally stimulated, too! It can provide hours of stimulation, keeping your companion focused on something productive. This is especially true for puzzle toys, which require your pet to actively think for a way to solve it. Staying both mentally and physically engaged provides an outlet for your pet to let out built up energy, reducing the chance of them carrying out any destructive behaviors like excessive vocalizing, biting, scratching, and inappropriate elimination. Using chew toys during playtime can also solve the issue of your pet chewing on everything in sight. Instead of sneakers or a couch leg, throw your pet a safe, sturdy bone or stick toy. Another amazing benefit of playtime is the ability to boost your pet’s confidence. By playing a classic game of tug-of-war and giving your cat or dog the occasional win, they’ll immediately have that boost in self esteem. Not to mention, it’s an opportunity to spend more time together! Great for bonding are disks and ropes. But if you can’t be there to play with them, provide them with their very own cuddle buddy! A plush toy or stuffed animal can be great for your pet to snuggle up to or help satisfy their urge to hunt small prey. 

No matter what type of pet you have, whether they be a runner, a cuddler, a thinker, or a chewer, The Hungry Puppy has the variety of toys to satisfy their preferences!


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