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Toy Breed

Your love for your dog is unconditional. Pet parents love their dog in every shape, form, and size they could come in, both big and small. But each dog is individual and has unique needs and requirements - nutrition included. The Hungry Puppy carries brands like Solid Gold, Blue Buffalo, Hill’s, Merrick, Wellness, Earthborn, Eukanuba, and more to supply the needs of all sized dogs, starting with toy breeds.

Toy breed dogs have very different nutritional requirements than their bigger friends. The first difference is that toy breeds require more calories per pound. This is due to the fact that they lose body heat more easily than other dogs. In addition, toy breeds have high metabolic rates. The food they consume must have higher levels of fat, protein, and fiber to make up for this and reduce the risk of hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia refers to the condition of low blood sugar levels, causing your pet to experience weakness, lethargy, tremors, etc. Toy breed dogs are particularly prone to this problem. Yet while they need more calories per pound and are inclined towards hypoglycemia, they are simultaneously prone to obesity. Obesity happens when pet parents overestimate and overfeed their small dogs. Lastly, the smaller the dog, the smaller their teeth and mouth. Their food needs to be small enough to be comfortably eaten so they don’t choke. 

The Hungry Puppy carries a wide variety of products that take into account each and every of these requirements. We bring you nutritionally complete, balanced diets that will suit your toy breed dog’s needs, plus bring them delicious flavors like turkey, brown rice, lamb, sweet potato, peanut butter, chicken, vegetables, and more!