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Tie Out Stakes

A lot of the time pet owners want to take their pups outdoors with them, but fear that without the security of fences, an enclosed yard, or ability to stay close together at all times, they may be putting their companion in harm’s way or at the risk of running away. Don’t let that stop you from taking your pet along on adventures outside of the house! This is the exact reason that with brands like Coastal and Four Paws, The Hungry Puppy provides you with tie out stakes and tie out cables.

Tie out stakes are a safe way of ensuring your canine stays close to you and within sight without necessarily having to be attached to you. Stakes simply have to be inserted firmly into the ground, whether it be sand, grass, loose ground, etc. There may be different designs and types of stakes you can choose from, but steel is your best bet, as it’s extremely sturdy and secure. Luckily, The Hungry Puppy’s stakes are made with this dependable material! Then you can focus on properly attaching a tie out cable to the stake and your pet’s collar or harness! Our cables from Coastal come in different lengths, sizes, and weights, making them suitable to all breeds and life stages of canines, whether they’re puppies or giant dogs. Regardless, they are sure to give your furry friend the freedom and room to roam about within their own space. Make sure to keep in mind the weight of your dog when selecting a cable!

The Hungry Puppy’s assortment of tie out stakes and cables allow you to have the peace of mind that your dog can safely, freely enjoy parks, camping, yards, and the overall outdoors!