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The Honest Kitchen

The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of The Honest Kitchen because their main ingredient is truth. Honest is more than a word in their name — it’s who they are and strive to be. They believe that the more you learn about The Honest Kitchen, the more likely you are to serve it to your pets.

The Honest Kitchen has a bone to pick with most mass-produced, feed-grade pet food brands. They use words like “natural” and “healthy” for feed-grade products that are far from acceptable to The Honest Kitchen. To ensure your pets eat the safest, healthiest and highest quality foods, insist on 100% human grade. It’s a real standard no feed-grade food can claim. To meet their 100% human-grade standard, The Honest Kitchen’s suppliers must provide proof of food origins, screening, handling, cleaning and more. They only source from folks they know and trust, including a few they started with back in 2002.

From eggs and salmon to pumpkin and parsley, wholesome foods you recognize and can pronounce are the only ingredients The Honest Kitchen uses. And what they leave out is as important as what they put in. Their company started in their founder's kitchen, where she made meals for her family (both human and pets). Today, they still prepare food with the same love, and uncompromising quality. When it comes to finding the delectable dishes your pets will crave, The Honest Kitchen’s appetite is insatiable. They try all sorts of recipes to find ones that are bottom-of-the-bowl-licking good. And they faithfully taste-test each recipe with their own pets.