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Aside from our wide stock of food and treats, The Hungry Puppy offers a variety of pet supplies for all our friends: dogs, cats, equine, livestock, wildlife - you name it! Carrying brands such as Creative Pet, Earth Animal, Naturvet, Safari, Virbac, Seresto, and more, our store includes all the miscellaneous supplies your pet may need at any stage of their life.

If your pet is currently being trained, The Hungry Puppy can make the process easier. Pet parents can choose from different types of training clickers, collars, sprays, etc, to help them effectively and safely discipline pets and promote positive behavior. Our store also has products for your housebreaking needs, such as training pads, stain and odor removers, gates, diapers, and an assortment of sprays that discourage licking, digging, etc.

The Hungry Puppy carries many toys, from squeaky tennis balls and fuzzy bears to bristle bones and sturdy ropes. Pets need toys to not only keep them entertained, but also to provide mental stimulation, physical activity, and an outlet for chewing or gnawing. It is an overall great way to help your pets relax for anxiety and stress relief.

Our store also has an assortment of grooming supplies, especially for cats and dogs. With our own line of shampoos, conditioners, and ear cleansing solutions in scents like cucumber melon and aloe vera, The Hungry Puppy has all you need to keep your pets clean and fresh. We also have in stock supplies from many other companies, including cleansing wipes, flea and tick wipes, bristle brushes, shedding combs, nail files and trimmers, bath mats, detanglers, and more, that would be great for use after your little friend takes a bath.

The Hungry Puppy knows pets often have needs that exceed a simple bath or grooming session, which is why we provide products to serve your pet beyond the four walls of your home. Our store has medical supplies aimed to protect your pet, whether it be through treats in which you can easily insert medical pills or topicals that repel and kill fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, lice, and flies. These products help ensure that your companions are safe, prepared, and ready to go - even when traveling. Our travel products make it easier for you and your friend to go on any adventure. Whether it’s a food pouch, water bowl, dish, booster seat, hammock, harness, stroller, seat cover, poop bag, crate, leashes, or comforting / soothing spray, The Hungry Puppy has all the supplies you need to make sure your pet is able to accompany you on the journey.

Whatever your companion may need, The Hungry Puppy has it all at the highest quality and lowest price!


For this collection of products and for the best prices on all of your pet food and supply needs The Hungry Puppy Pet Food & Supplies is your one-stop shop. Whether your animal barks or chirps, neighs or moos, meows or squawks, we have it all. Shop at the convenience of your home or on the go. In a rush, you can save 5% by placing a curbside pickup order and we will make sure you are here and gone in a flash. Live in NJ? The Hungry Puppy delivers FREE to your front door every week.

Live outside of our Central NJ Local Delivery area? Don’t worry, we now ship right to your front door!

Either Way The Hungry Puppy offers online shopping, with Curbside Pickup, Local Delivery or Nationwide Shipping at a place you can trust for the highest quality pet products at the lowest possible prices!